While mature artichoke plants have some frost tolerance, seedlings are vulnerable, so protect seedlings from nighttime and early morning frost during this time. Garden Preparation for Growing Artichokes . If you should be in search of artichoke dishes, you have arrived at the place that is right. Artichoke plants, and that can be grown in a lot of climates, produce spiny buds that hide a tender heart. Also be sure to keep soil moist throughout the growing season. Feed growing artichokes regularly with Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics® Edibles Plant Nutrition Granules, following label directions. They require a long cool growing season, which of course we don't have. However, if you live in a zone with heavy rains, you can build raised beds to help in drainage. When growing artichokes, time your planting so seedlings will have 10-12 days with temperatures below 50° F (10° C), to encourage early bud set and longer fruiting. Maybe you are amazed to master you’ll develop artichokes almost anyplace, in the event that you choose the best growing way of your environment. By intercropping (planting another kind of vegetable between the rows of an earlier-maturing kind), you can make better use of available space. When you are tilling the ground, you can use a hand’s depth of compost manure. Artichokes are a biennnial. Thus, ensure the type of soil you're using has proper drainage and is rich in nutrients. It's very difficult to grow artichokes in Georgia. But also they don't tolerate freezing weather well at all. There is a variety, Imperial Star, that supposedly can be grown in one season, and is more adapted to the south. This will not only feed your plants, but also nourish the soil microbes that help your artichoke plants get more nutrition from the soil. Growing artichokes requires rich, fertile and moist soil. Keep weeds out of artichoke beds. Jim Fraser, farm manager for Elm Street Gardens, is looking forward to the result of his second year of growing artichokes. Beautiful plants, very easy, had 2 little artichokes in one of the 3 plants I tried. Doreen G. Howard shares information on planting artichokes for every climate, includes how to chill artichoke seeds, annual and perennial artichokes and selecting a planting site. Part 2: Starting your Artichokes . Keep all of your garden’s space fully occupied throughout the growing season. In parts of Georgia, it is possible to grow vegetables every month of the year. I grew artichokes last year from seed, don't remember the type, got the seeds at big box store on a whim. This year I have 12 growing under lights right now, I got imperial star seeds, they are supposed to flower the first year from seed and do not need a cool period to flower.