How convenient is that?! * The Georgetown GRAD application for the 2021 admissions cycle is open for new and returning users. Hi everyone! * The Georgetown GRAD application for the 2021 admissions cycle is open for new and returning users. Smith Personal Statement – [Insert University]”. If you don’t create a separate folder for each school (totally understandable – so many folders! Returning users: When you begin considering graduate study, first find out as much as you can about the programs that interest you. It is very helpful to create a master list of your essay questions (including length specifications) at the beginning of the process, so that you can determine points of similarity and overlap among the topics. Downloading an unofficial copy of your transcript is always a good idea. 2. Creating a system that works for you will not only ease the process by ensuring you’re on track and have all your information in one place—it can also help you organize your thoughts as you start to work on your essays, saving time and effort later. Check it out HERE. I encourage you all to check out our Membership options to receive access to our full range of helpful articles! Spreadsheets aren’t just for accountants. I’d like to help you get to it and through it as well! In this post, I’m giving you 11 of the BEST organization tips that will help ease your entire application process! Keep the information about each of your potential grad schools right in one place. Thanks for reading! I recommend keeping it simple unless you begin to acquire too many separate documents per school. I would be happy to help . Business Masters, Social Work Masters, Law, Truett). After you have completed the supplemental application, download a copy and save it for your records. Be sure to submit your official transcript to the application service. It is imperative that your documents are safe and sound. For example, if something goes wrong with the electronically received scores, you can provide them with a backup, unofficial document displaying your scores. You will thank yourself for scheduling out specific times of your days or weeks to spend on applications. An excel organizer document that will organize your entire application and decision process. Juggling multiple deadlines, essays, letters of rec, and other supporting documents can be daunting. Find the service that best meets your needs! Just make sure you record all deadlines and requirements, and check them off as you go along. Grad School Application … And they record an only semi-knowable record of my schedule and concerns: phone numbers without names attached, lists of library call numbers with no titles, the time of a meeting without the attendant date. Use a spreadsheet! Some Baylor graduate programs use third party common application systems for their admissions process (e.g. An extreme nightmare could become real life, real quick if your computer decides to shut down on you when your application items only ever lived there. I am a 2019 graduate of a top 3 Master of Speech Language Pathology program. Whether you’re just getting started or have some of these items already completed for submission, these 11 easy organization tips for your grad school applications will help you become more efficient throughout the application process! Doing so makes it very easy to find your scores when you need them. Some programs are considered a part of a broader University Graduate School. After you request an official copy from your undergraduate school, add the official one to your folder as well. Tools for Getting and Staying Organized in Grad School: 1. They weren’t mine either until I found Erin Condren! I still occasionally find scraps of paper tucked into books or folded into the inner compartments of bags. Erin Condren makes it extremely easy to get used to actually using a planner. After you create an account, you are able to access the application form which may be completed in multiple instances. Check it out HERE. Title it: “Grad School Application Items” so that it’s easy to find. Access members can download this easy-to-customize resume template HERE! Planners aren’t really your thing? There are affiliate links within this post. If a supplemental grad school application is required, they will direct you to the school’s site to fill out a general application.