That’s why more and more people are going for tropical, exotic types of timber.When it comes to wooden decking in Durban, however, one kind of wood has gained incredible traction: balau … Yellow Balau, is a wood obtained from trees of the Shorea species of Southeast Asia. It is also known … Aesthetic appeal and functionality are two vital factors to consider when you are building a new wooden decking or renovating an old one. Golden Balau is also known as Bangkirai and is vibrant golden brown in color. Similar to … It is used for decking, structural timber, flooring, shipbuilding, barrels and many other applications. Beautiful Kayu®-Batu™ ( Red Balau ) Decks Built By Jean-Luc Bergevin ... KAYU®-Golden™ is a Balau … KAYU ® Golden Balau (Bangkirai/YB) Decking. Quick Guide to Balau Timber: What’s It, the Benefits, and More. Should you wish to keep the beautiful range of colors from day one, we recommend finishing the Golden Balau Hardwood Decking with a penetrating oil specifically formulated for use on hardwoods, such as Penofin Hardwood exterior. Also worthy of noting, because of its excessively hard density and elevated oil content, Golden Balau … KAYU®-Batu™ Red Balau Tropical wood Dock Material KAYU® Tropical Hardwood Kayu® Tropical Hardwood Porch Flooring News and Resources. This unique formula penetrates deep into the wood … Sourced only from countries that are leaders in ecological, sustainable forestry practices, our Golden Balau Hardwood Decking is a dense, exotic hardwood known for its strength and durability. Balau is a prevalent choice of wood because of its durability and resistance to insects, twisting and warping.