Golden Age Project R1 Active MKIII 4.55 out of 5, based on 4 Reviews The R1 Active MKIII is a very cool mic that combines the best of two worlds; the warmth of a … For these two main groups, the Golden Age Project R1 Mark III Active Ribbon microphone performs really well, much better than equivalently priced large diaphragm condenser microphones. Consordini 4,492 views. The high-ratio step-up transformer that is used lends the R1 Active higher sensitivity than most ribbons, enabling it to drive long cables and be much more forgiving of the choice of preamp used. 8:23. Golden Age Project R1 Tube Active REVIEW with DIFFERENT DEMOS - Duration: 8:23. Curtis Judd 29,554 views. The R1 is Golden Age’s version of a Chinese-made ribbon microphone which is also available, with some variations, under other brand names such as Nady and Shinybox. Golden Age R1 Active Mk2 Visually identical to the R1 Mk2, other than in colour, the R1 Active Mk2 is, like the Sontronics Sigma, unusual in having an active output stage requiring phantom power. Golden Age Project R1 MK2 is a vintage style ribbon microphone. Alternatives. The amazing high Max SPL give it the ability to handle loud sounds, like overhead , guitar cabinet or even kick drum . Ribbon microphones - essential facts - Duration: 7:49. It has the natural and warm sound of classic ribbon microphones. In fact, because these are the two main things I record, this is my go-to mic almost all of the time and my two other condenser mics and dynamic mics are seeing a lot less use. Golden Age Project R1 MKII Passive Ribbon Microphone Is Very Active In This Demo (Video ... Review: Golden Age Project R1 Mark III Active Ribbon Mic - Duration: 6:43. Contact Golden Age Project | Runway Pro Audio 07591 153 006. It has evidently proved popular over the years, since the original passive version has been superseded by an improved MkII, and joined by two active versions, with solid-state and valve electronics respectively. R1 ST key features: Pure-aluminium ribbons; ... Golden Age Project’s R1 ST should be high on your audition list. Golden Age R1 Tube Active Ribbon Microphone Features: Natural, musical ribbon sound with the consistency of active electronics; Low-noise 12AX7-based tube amplifier isolates ribbon and gain make-up transformer and delivers higher output than a typical ribbon mic