We sold this Gibson new in a box to a customer at the end of Sept 2020 and he traded back to us as part payment for a Custom Shop Les Paul. Comes with all original paper work. PICKUPS: 2x Gibson 490 Humbuckers This saves the maple for the neck, which is glued to a solid mahogany body. Gibson’s Ultra-Modern weight relief process is an evolution of its nine-hole and chambering patterns that have been used on guitars such as the Les Paul classic. The SG feels slick and speedy, with a nice taper going on with the neck. All rights reserved. Burstbucker 61R & 61T zebra, open-coil pickups provide classic Gibson … The Gibson Les Paul Classic’s lighter weight allows you to enjoy yourself onstage for longer and to avoid the shoulder and back pain that can sometimes accompany those all-night gigs. Large sums were invested in quality control. It is Faded Pelham Blue, and it dates back to the early 60s when Fender was taking inspiration from classic automobiles and rolling out a host of cool solid-block colours, and Gibson wanted in on the action. Most Gibson Les Paul Classic are eligible for free shipping. If I want prog time in Nerdville, let’s go!“, Orianthi: “Michael Jackson taught me to do what’s best for the song. He had us upgrade the LP Classic with Gibson nickel pickup covers. I’ve upgraded by putting Gibson Nickel covers on the pickups and hipshot tulip buttons on the grovers. There was a problem. The LP Special with humbuckers has a real gutsy tone. The big news with the SG Special is that finish, yet under the hood there are 500k audio taper CTS pots and hand-soldered Orange Drop capacitors. BODY: Mahogany Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Retailing for under a grand, the Tribute models potentially represent the best of both worlds – an American-built Gibson that won’t break the bank. Switching from the LP to SG always requires some adjusting to the fretboard geography; the scale length is the same but there just feels like there is so much neck on the SG as it joins the body at 22nd fret. If you are looking for a rock ’n’ roll machine... PRICE: $999 / £899 Here you’ll find new tones on 1 through to 10 on the dial. For a stripped-down singlecut experience, it is hard to beat. When it comes to capturing that classic Gibson tone, nothing beats the sound of Burstbucker pickups on the Les Paul Classic. It could be. The Gibson Custom Shop is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, quality and sound excellence. The Les Paul Tribute is kind of somewhere between a Standard, a Classic and a Studio. It’s super-easy to get up the dusty end of the fretboard. One sign that it is working is that on first impressions it was only the fact that the SG Special arrived in a Gibson hard case that distinguished it from the others, which arrived in padded gig-bags. Get the best price on Gibson Les Paul Classic at Guitar Center. The P-90 equipped LP Special has more high-end still but it is tempered by the hot-mids these soapbars are renowned for. You will receive a verification email shortly. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips. Yeah, sure, it’s stripped down – kinda – but there is some luxury there. Used Gibson 1960s Les Paul Classic Plus Top Amber 1999 Electric Guitar. PAF humbucker tone with coil tapping. BODY: Mahogany The collection was simplified. NECK: Maple Condition is "Used". It’s classy. Those looking for a more stately Les Paul experience should plump for the Tribute. But then there’s the brawny cool of the humbucker-equipped Special. And these Tribute Les Pauls, dammit, sure offer a comfortable ride. What’s the difference between this and an SG Junior? Privacy Policy | FRETS: 22, medium jumbo This is a Mint like new Gibson Les Paul Classic 2020. You mentioned 500k CTS audio taper pots. The question is which serves your needs the most? Hmm, choosing between these is gonna be excruciating. If the Les Paul Tributes feel ostensibly the same, albeit with less bulk around the body on the Specials, plugged in there is enough variance to give you pause for thought. As expected, the LP Classic is crafted with a mahogany back and maple top coupled with a slim taper mahogany neck and bound, rosewood fingerboard. Bath We are left with two guitars that support the hypothesis that says the P-90 soapbar is pound-for-pound the best pickup ever. Where the 490 humbuckers offer you enough rounded PAF cream to cause an arterial block, the P-90s are a more about being all sharp and vinegarish top-end and a pugnacious mid-range. There’s a lot of tone here. This item is out of stock, but we build most left-handed guitars on demand. An error has occured and this guitar could not be added to your cart. FINISH: Faded Pelham Blue [reviewed], Metallic Burgundy. The P-90 and mahogany slab body combo is a classic pairing; it’s cheese and burger, a tone combo that the likes of Leslie West would wield judiciously. LEFT-HANDED: Yes Yes, there’s no catch. NECK: Maple, set PRICE: $1,499 / £1,199 SCALE: 24.75” Across the board, the Tribute Les Pauls have rounded, C-profile maple necks that feel like a fair compromise between the thicker 50s profiles, those bats you’d get on vintage Explorers, and the slim-tapered necks of the 60s SGs. HARDWARE: Chrome, Compensated Wraparound GIBSON LES PAUL 2020. It’s tactile and more subdued than the high-gloss. FINGERBOARD: Rosewood with acrylic dot inlay The Gibson Les Paul™ Classic combines the early 60's style Les Paul model with some functional and time-tested modifications. Sign up below to get the latest from Total Guitar, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! PICKUPS: 2x P-90 Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. On the Les Paul Tribute, there’s a little more high-end, more noticeable in the bridge ’bucker, but there is so much play on the Les Paul’s controls that finding the right blend is easy. NECK: Mahogany, set After Gibson emerged from its financial travails with a change of ownership, the company hit the reset button. The spec options look neat, too. FINISHES: Worn White Satin [reviewed], Ebony Satin, Vintage Cherry Satin, Natural Walnut. The brief was simple, too: put pro-quality, aspirational guitars into the hands of players who have always idealised the brand. PRICE: $1,199 / £999 Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? They are deceivingly versatile. The Gibson Les Paul Classic combines the early 60's style Les Paul model with some functional and time-tested modifcations. We’d always associate Gibson guitars with mahogany necks but through the 70s it was not uncommon to see maple necks as standard. NECK: Maple, set Each instrument celebrates Gibson’s legacy through accuracy, authenticity and attention to detail. With its five-ply guard and white button tuners, the no-fuss dot inlay, it’s a gnarly slap of mahogany that’s ideal for rock, blues, maybe even metal, too, and the walnut finish is just darn classy. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Roll back some of that back pickup’s top end and the cleans are worthy of a chef’s kiss before getting down to some jazz. Many will go for the singlecut, the weight, the extra oomph of sustain, but the SG Special in Faded Pelham Blue is just the sort of get-it-while-it’s-hot guitar that will age beautifully, and will reward you with a supremely playable instrument and, possibly, a future classic. They might not be as quiet as humbuckers but they are wax-potted to kill microphonic hum, which is the worst. Gibson’s idea of splitting its collection into the Modern and Original makes sense. And you’ve got the chrome-covers on the pickups to give it that Standard vibe. HARDWARE: Chrome, Compensated Wraparound These open-coil Gibson 490 humbuckers have been kicking around since the mid-to-late 60s.