With a signal phrase: Stevens claims modern poetry “has to find what will suffice” (132). When you are asked to write a paper that follows MLA guidelines, signal phrases should always be written in present (not past) tense. In the words of professors Greer and Dewey, “…” As sociology scholar Janice Kinsey has noted, “…” In the course of your reading any printed text: novels, textbook, newspapers, articles, online posts, etc., have you noted certain words the writers have used to steer your thoughts in some particular directions? The following signal phrases work in a variety of situations in your writing, whether you are quoting directly or paraphrasing: according to; acknowledges/acknowledged; adds/added; addresses/addressed; argues/argued; asserts/asserted; comments/commented; concedes/conceded; concludes/concluded; confirms/confirmed; contends/contended 301 0 obj <>stream Choose a verb that is appropriate in the context. Where did the quotation come from? When you are asked to write a paper that follows MLA guidelines, signal phrases should always be written in present (not past) tense. They help writers avoid plagiarism, integrate quotes, and establish the authority of their sources. The first example uses a signal phrase, according to the CDC, that simply helps identify the source for a statement. Signal phrases provide clear signals to prepare the readers for the quotation. Often, signal phrases can be distinguished by the presence of a verb like "indicate" or "argue" that references what the author is doing in the original source. In the words of Peterson (2012), “…” As Johnson and Allen (2006) have noted, “…” Einstein and Yvanovich (1956), researchers in physics, pointed out that, “…” “…,” claimed Carter (1998). Often, choosing the right signal phrase is about knowing how you plan to use it. Quoting is not just about referencing a few lines of text that see… Keep things interesting for your readers by switching up the language and placement of your signal phrases. 1. These signal phrases are a bit more ambiguous or opinion-based than the general examples: Some signal phrases work only for situations in which the source disagrees with something or someone else. What are the six types of signal words? They are also referred to as sentence superheroes, sentence connectors or signpost. Effective signal phrases include the author's name and an action verb that characterizes the information. Signal Phrase Example. Signal phrases are used to introduce information from an outside source (such as a scholarly journal article). The post, Signal Words: Types, Functions and Examples, introduces and explains with illustrative examples what signal words or sentence connectors are. . h�b```�Y��� ��ea����gZ�n�8ϓ⇒>@ᎎ�4�b�pFv]���Ɍט?1�3�1OfNf��|���'�3|'�2&w8A�230����zp9��Ҍ@$ A signal phrase lets your reader know that you are paraphrasing or quoting an idea from someone else's work. Introductory Phrase: Example: stating information that is not “common knowledge” [use relevant style guide’s in-text citation format] As [Author] indicated/ stated/ discovered; According to [Author], As Smith indicated in a 2010 study . %PDF-1.5 %���� Signal Phrase: a phrase, clause, or even sentence which leads into a quotation or statistic. SIGNAL PHRASE GUIDE SIGNAL PHRASES are used across citation styles to introduce quotations, paraphrases , and summaries. They are frequently used together with in -text citations . "Start loving yourself," Maya Angelou said, "before you ask someone else to love you." For example, you might divide the Harper Lee quotation as follows: "Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read," declares Harper Lee. The examples in the first section are adapted to APA, which recommends past-tense verbs in signal phrases. Following is a passage taken from a book on the history of the women of the Republican party, followed by … In fact, being able to integrate quotations will give you the confidence to interact with the ideas of others, to be part of a larger discussion. 0 They not only help readers identify the source and type of information (facts, opinions, observations, etc.) Whereas in ordinary speech we easily introduce the words of others (he said; she was like), it somehow seems more difficult in writing. MLA uses signal phrases in the present tense, while APA uses past tense. These examples can help you expand your repertoire. To be truly brilliant, an essay needs to utilise the right language. These are signal words, and they are sentence superheroes. . . Signal phrases provide clear signals to prepare the readers for the quotation. Style guides like MLA and APA have different rules for how to use signal phrases. Signal Phrase Verb Tense. If you’re in doubt, read it aloud to make sure it makes sense. Also see the Blinn College – Bryan Writing Center’s “Sentence Templates” handout. Here are some example signal phrases: Argued; Asserted; Believed; Claimed; Commented; Disputed; Illustrated; Implied; Pointed out; Reported; Suggested; Thought; Wrote; Ease the Reader Out of a Quotation . Examples of signal words include also, in contrast, for example, however, as also, and as a result. These generally include the speaker/author’s name and some justification for using him or her as an expert in this context; it may also help establish the context for the quotation. Make your writing more professional by using signal phrases correctly. All good presentations start with a strong introduction. "Start loving yourself before you ask someone else to love you," Maya Angelou said. endstream endobj startxref Use these 40 signal phrases examples to help give credit for quotes and paraphrases. Note: The above examples are a mixture of APA and MLA format. Signal phrases are introductory words and phrases you use to integrate a summary, giving the author's name along with some other identifying information about your source. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The ability to identify and understand the meaning of signal words is like having X-ray vision while reading. With practice, your essays and academic writing will give credit to your sources with style and variety. In a parenthetical: Modern poetry “has to find what will suffice” (Stevens 132). 3 reasons to include a signal to the end in your presentation conclusion . You can also show whether you agree or disagree with the sources you are citing, which emphasizes the point you are making. Notice, too, that the above examples are also signal phrases : language that introduces outside source material to be either quoted or paraphrased. Others show that the source did research to come up with a conclusion. Always be sure to consult your prompt to follow the acceptable formatting style. General Signal Phrase Examples. Signal phrases usually come at the beginning of a sentence before the source material, but they can also occur in the middle of a source or at the end. Wake up the audience. 7. However, be sure to look up the definition of any word you don’t know so that you are using the right word/phrase for your context and purpose. #�d�F�����0 ��[ "One does not love breathing." Some signal words that indicate an example are "such as," "including," "for instance" and "for example." When writing a paper using APA style, signal phrase verbs should be written in past tense. Signal phrases also give you a chance to make your writing more polished and professional by varying your sentence structure. According to author Kim Flachmann in her book Mosaics: Reading and Writing Essays, “Once you evaluate your sources and figure out which ones will help establish your argument, you then need to learn how to seamlessly integrate them into your paper” (2013, p. 476). Think of signal phrases as academic alternatives to “said.” These words and groups of words tell the reader that what he or she is about to read comes from a specific source. You could make a great point, but if it’s not intelligently articulated, you almost needn’t have bothered. Basic Signal Phrase: Author’s name + verb (present/present perfect) Elizabeth Warren claims “… ” or Elizabeth Warren has claimed “...” to a reader that the writer is using an outside source. Examples of How to Vary Signal Phrases . How to use a signal phrase Here is an example of a signal phrase. Maya Angelou said, "Start loving yourself before you ask someone else to love you." List of additional signal verbs. Here are some example signal phrases: argues; asserts; believes; claims; comments; disputes; illustrates; implies; points out; reports Consider words and phrases that indicate relationships between ideas, like also, however, as a result, in addition, for example, and in contrast.