Uncategorized / By Engineering Drawing Basics. The Line … Download ED Notes – 3 Engineering-Drawing-Part-4. Different line types used on Engineering Drawings. The Bureau of Indian Standards has prescribed the types of lines in its code IS-10714-1983 to be used for making a general engineering drawing. I guess like any type of technical drawing you need to have an understanding of what device you’re trying to illustrate, its functions, and the space creators need to understand while assembling. Download ED Notes – 6 In this highly interactive object, learners associate basic line types and terms with engineering drawing geometry. Figure 3-31.-Breaking extension lines and leaders at points of intersection. radius of an arc is to be indicated, there is an arrow at only the end of the line that touches the arc. Certain features on a Engineering Drawing requires specific ways of indication. Putting the Line types, Line weights and Line type scales together, we get the following Line type Definitions to use in our drawings. A quiz completes the activity. For example, holes require center lines to identify the center and show that it is round. I have amalgamated the definitions from the engineering drawing supplement and the construction drawing supplement together. The use of a right type of line results in a correct drawing. Download ED Notes – 5 Engineering-Drawing-Part-6. Download ED Notes – 4 Engineering-Drawing-Part-5. Each line is used for a definite purpose and it should not be used for anything else. The basis of any drawing is a line. Types of Lines. It is a basic requirement and … Line types used in technical drawing are used for different purposes to provide specific information to the people looking at the drawing. The arrowhead on a dimension or leader line is an important detail of a drawing. Drafting students or those reading the drawings have to learn what they mean, just as one learns a new language. Download ED Notes – 2 Engineering-Drawing-Part-3. The other end, without an arrow, terminates at the point used as the center in drawing the arc. Basic Types of Lines Used in Engineering Drawings By Kelly Curran Glenn Sokolowski. Solutions – Applications of Lines. Download ED Notes – 1 Engineering-Drawing-Part-2. Engineering-Drawing-Part-1.