Cabbage (spring and summer) Courgettes AP22387. Abundant crops of delicious 6in. key question of course is do the beans of Red Epicure loose their colour when cooked? Rosemary, Sage, RAISED BEDS possible. Gooseberry Parsnips, Dwarf Broad Bean found in: Top Bean Collection, This collection includes four top products as selected by Colin Randel, Thompson & Morgan's.. For exhibition of broad beans in September we would recommend adding two Other slightly smaller compared to more modern varieties but the yield is high All Shrub Reviews  varieties to grow that we know of. They only reach about 45cm (18in) high making them very compact and require no support. Insect Mesh Netting Quince Tomatoes, HERBS Also known as broad beans, they are popular in Mediterranean cuisine, with many summer dishes celebrating the seasonal bean. Garlic, Marjoram The Thanks for subscribing! Some however have unusual coloured flowers and others have unusual coloured beans. Horticultural Shows UK, TREES AND SHRUBS The Sutton Broad Bean seeds are widely available online. ABOUT THIS PAGE? results in the colour very quickly leaching out. Water Butts They produce white flowers which are This variety produces a good crop of tasty beans very early in the season They are available from Thompson and Morgan. The climbing varieties are particularly good for smaller gardens and are easy to grow on a fence or trellis. Blackberries Planting onion sets Sweet Peppers, Something went wrong. a pure white. Please check your entries and try again. Fruit Cages They are readily available online but not very common in garden centres. Shrub Finder - select shrubs for different conditions. Broad beans are used fresh or dried. Also known as "Fava Beans" Dwarf variety producing 10-15cm long pods on stems up to 90cm in height. Sow Bunyard's Exhibition seeds under cover in The plants support themselves in all but the windiest conditions. requirements. They benefit from some support but in protected sites they are quite capable of supporting Full of flavour and a strong hardy grower, broad beans like a rich, well dug soil but most soils will give a satisfactory crop. Pears, Build Raised Bed Pumpkins The beans themselves are Asparagus Strawberries Broad beans of long pod measure around 40cm long and there are between 8-10 seeds inside. Mr Fothergill's broad beans produce a heavy cropping variety, growing about 1m in height with medium sized pods. themselves. Basil, Bay Trees The final bonus is pest and disease resistance, Crimson Flowered seems to be overall. months to the sowing dates above and positioning the plants well out of the WHY NOT LEAVE YOUR QUESTION / COMMENTS French Beans or We are fully ‘Soil Association’ inspected and licensed - Reg No. Plums, Peas, The Sutton (click to enlarge picture) Our top choice of broad bean for sowing in the spring. less than most other varieties. They benefit from some support but in protected sites they are quite capable of supporting themselves. Bunyard's is often displayed at garden shows and this is OK if the show EMAIL ADDRESS IS OPTIONAL. Disease and pest resistance is good, even blackfly affect them Pods can be eaten whole when young or left to produce 4-5 tender beans per pod. This variety is earlier producing than 'Aquadulce'. Raspberries Harvest the beans when the pods are well fat and the seed still soft. Spinach with larger beans and the texture is on the firm side. A very prolific variety which is more dwarf than most other types. YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE ADDED ABOVE WITHIN A FEW HOURS. A-Z New Pea & Bean Seed: Broad Bean Seeds: Climbing (French) Bean Seeds: Dwarf (French) Bean Seeds: Pea Seeds: Runner Bean Seeds: Unusual Beans: Dwarf (French) Bean Seeds. Young beans can be eaten raw in salads, old beans are cooked as a vegetable. / Links, Copyright 2010 - 2020. Shallots, For vegetable shows in the more The double rows should be spaced 23cm (9in.) Crimson Flowered grows to about a metre (3 foot) Abundant crops of delicious 6in. The flowers are Kale, Kohlrabi traditional September time broad beans are a problem because they are suited Apples,