It’s easy to discover both local and Here we list the things that this emirate is famous for. Brunches in Dubai are more than the regular brunches you can think of. Biggest fountain display in the world, 19. Dubai is known for its largest, tallest, biggest. The Dubai International Airport (DXB) recently has been noted to be the busiest airport in the world for international passenger traffic. Dubai Creek Park in Dubai Creek also plays a vital role in Dubai tourism as it showcase some of the most famous tourist attractions in Dubai such as Dolphinarium, Cable Car, Camel Ride, Horse Carriage and Exotic Birds Shows. In Dubai, Downtown has Burj Khalifa (tallest man made structure on earth), at the Marina it is a home to 4 out of 5 tallest residential buildings in the world. The main design features include a pair of soaring minarets that frame an impressive central dome. With over 55% of the population filled with people from different cultures living or visiting Dubai, there’s bound to be a variety of food that anyone can be overwhelmed by the amount of choices. They're the fraternal twins of Dubai's skyline -- two buildings that are a whole lot alike, but not completely identical. This is one of the reasons why Dubai is a favorite destination for Expats. Visitors come far and wide just to browse and buy in Dubai Mall, the diversity of the culture around Dubai is also captured in the retail the mall offers. What makes Dubai so popular? It has many cultural highlights and things to do as well as all the glamorous modern destinations. You can cross the river in a traditional abra for cheap (only AED 1). More than 16 million people have visited the city of Dubai from 2019 until early 2020. Dubai further cemented its position as a leading hotel resort destination with. 12 famous buildings in Dubai. 200+ different nationalities live in Dubai and call it their home, majority of the workers are all from different countries, Dubai is said to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Made by the people who created the iconic Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas. However, in 1964 it started to corrode and lose its original elegance. But Dubai isn’t all about 5-star glam, though that’s likely to be a big part of any visit here. The Jumeirah Emirates Towers are similar -- but not identical. In other words, these are some of the most famous food in Dubai! He is Filipino-Indian and speaks several languages, including Tagalog, Hindi,... For today's expat feature, we are privileged to present Inder Bhagnani, a Real Estate Entrepreneur and Businessman. Dubai is known for its high paying jobs with high paying jobs with luxurious lifestyles. Cereal, pancake, toast perhaps? Dubai may be famous for skyscrapers, gold souks, shopping malls, mosques, and desert tours but there is so much more the city has to offer and so many world class places to visit in Dubai. With its unforgettable sail shape, the 321-meter-tall (1,053 feet). According to the firm behind the project. The material has been coated with Teflon to keep dust and sand from sticking to it. Stuffed Camel. This is one of the reasons why Dubai is a favorite destination for Expats. Dubai is the home of the biggest mall in the world (Dubai Mall) it is filled with high-end retail on every corner. What makes Dubai so popular? Dubai is known for its dazzling desert skyscrapers, but it wasn't always that way. This mega shopping event starts from 26th to 28th November 2020 only. Check out this popular evolution video of Dubai from the 1960s to the present: Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest artificial island, it was built in 2001. Dubai may be flat (minus the sand dunes) and usually very hot, but the city's very own ski resort proves that you can build almost anything with enough money and imagination. They're both capped with distinctive equilateral triangles and a spire. I went a medical check-up after I experienced itching and irritation on my left eye. I called my insurance provider (Noor Takaful) and asked... We need to remind ourselves all the time, we are Overseas Filipino workers who are abroad for a reason - to earn more money,... Are you currently working from home, especially since the current health crisis started?