It can be distinguished from the similar Coot by its yellow legs, red beak and the white patches on its body. So I would hope that global authorities can converge on Laughing Moorhen and Eurasian Moorhen, and leave Common Moorhen and Common Gallinule behind. It occurs in India, Australia, New Guinea, Borneo and Indonesia.It is often confused with the purple swamphen and the Eurasian coot due to similar appearance and overlapping distributions. The Common Gallinule swims like a duck and walks atop floating vegetation like a rail with its long and slender toes. You can see moorhens by almost any piece of water. It squawks and whinnies from thick cover in marshes and ponds from Canada to Chile, peeking in and out of vegetation. This gets at one of the main differences between Old World and New World species and also following the subspecies name, cachinnans, for one of the New World forms. Join the community here The common gallinule (Gallinula galeata) is a bird in the family Rallidae.It was split from the common moorhen by the American Ornithologists' Union in July 2011. Read More » Update July 2011 – See my new post on Back color of Moorhens for an additional clue to identification Recent talk of splitting Common Moorhen into two species – American and Eurasian – has naturally sparked interest in their identification (the split is based largely on … Can Eurasian Common Moorhen be identified by sight? Maybe, it depends how sure you want to be. It lives around well-vegetated marshes, ponds, canals, and other wetlands in the Americas. Noun (moorhens) Any of various medium-sized water birds of the genus Gallinula , of the rail family, that feed in open water margins. Find out more A blackish bird with bright red and yellow beak and long, green legs. Show off your images, experiences and read the RSPB’s blogs! Share your passion for birds, wildlife & all things nature with the RSPB Community. A familiar black bird of our lakes, ponds and rivers, the Moorhen is widespread; look out for its large and untidy-looking nest on the water in spring. The dusky moorhen (Gallinula tenebrosa) is a bird species in the rail family and is one of the eight extant species in the moorhen genus. (British) A female red grouse, . This boldly marked rail has a brilliant red shield over the bill and a white racing stripe down its side.