Baggy-Arse. The comparison of police officers to demons might seem more like indoctrination if it causes our youth to hold a bias against police. And it is important to stand up for what is right, to gather and protest. As in "I was late two shifts running, so I got stuck with the baggy-arse for a week." That would be terrible, right? Jul 28, 2020 #1 Saw online, checked myself. An ambulance officer. The Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) was established in October 2007. [3] Some state sheriffs can also apply a wide range of sanctions ranging from suspending driver's licenses and car registration through to wheel clamping and arranging community service orders, and as a last resort can make arrests. All police officers nationwide have been painted as racists. A wide range of vehicles is used for unmarked purposes to not be easily identified as police. They may rely upon appointment as a special constable or legislated powers for their authority. Someone who does not know better, and does not understand how this revolt against officers started, will think from very early on, that police are horrible evil people. Contained within resources for parents is the following suggestion for talking to children about “Racism, Police Brutality and Protests.”, First of all, the introduction to the webpage entitled Aha! It is never okay to burn property or take things that aren’t yours. While on duty, most officers' duty belts consist of a handgun, Taser, expandable baton, pepper spray, a set of handcuffs, ammunition magazines, gloves, torch, and a two-way radio. But is that ever okay? I feel very angry about that. : A1-8 Location & Date Point Cook (YMPC) Victoria, Australia - January 25, 2004 Caption Immaculate … Federally, the main law enforcement agency is the Australian Federal Police (AFP), which has a wide mandate to enforce Australian criminal law and protect its national interests. In some English speaking countries “demon” is a slang term for police officer and not even a particularly derogatory term. Preteens and teens are given the quote attributed to the Rev. The lesson plan excuses away looting even while saying it is “wrong.” It propagates the lie that “most protests are peaceful” and says: “Many police departments are not handling the protests well. He was aware of the issue and had already removed the site from the curriculum. This was simultaneous with the appointment of the first Chief Justice of New South Wales. As if things are not bad enough for police officers, with it becoming more common then not that they are considered the enemy, they are now considered demons by Siri, Google and They are being indoctrinated, apparently now at the early ages, that police are the enemy, are out to kill people and cannot be trusted. The Australian Border Force is responsible for customs and immigration enforcement and border protection at Australia's ports as well as in Australian waters, and conducts investigations where the AFP does not have primary jurisdiction. They raise untold amounts of money for charities such as the Special Olympics, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and untold others. The Australasian Police Professional Standards Committee (APPSC) was an organisation that served all police jurisdictions around Australia and New Zealand. Discussions. The Superintendent of Schools in Glastonbury is a man named Alan Bookman. TDiddyLive Member. Some people think that the officer would not have killed George if he had been White. Like most of the country, an overwhelming majority of those officers condemn what happened to George Floyd at the hands of that one officer. Want to make sure you never miss a story from Law Enforcement Today? MPs provide everything from general law enforcement duties on military installations to investigations, close personal protection and more. In this video (embedded above), Fiona talks about being present at a real Satanic ritual with some of Australia’s famous people, as well as local Australian cops and priests from St. Stanislaus (a Catholic Jesuit school). Brown had just robbed a convenience store and assaulted the owner. There are many accounts from reporters who have seen police officers assault peaceful protesters.”. Congratulations to Dr. Bookman, Chief Porter and the Glastonbury Police Department for having and furthering what appears to be an outstanding community relationship. For the superintendent of that community to throw all police departments and police officers under the bus by approving the implementation of this summer curriculum is an insult to the very department charged with protecting his schools. Google Translate- definition of “demon” is “police officer” Thread starter TDiddyLive; Start date Jul 28, 2020; 36 Forums. © 2020 Copyright Law Enforcement Today - All Rights Reserved. A probationary Constable. One Reddit user named /u/Djingus_ noted that the term “demon” has been used in Australia as a slang term for “detective/officer” according to a dictionary of Australian words and terms published on