Ctrl is used in keyboard shortcut key such as the three finger salute or Ctrl+Alt+Del. List of Control Key Shortcuts Ctrl+A These … Ctrl+x, then r, then j, then letter of the window state register. This shortcut is used by 159 programs in our database. What is Ctrl + J keyboard shortcut for? Examveda . Ctrl+J: Aligns the selected text or line to justify the screen. Home / Computer Fundamentals / MS Word / Question. Ctrl + J is used to. Alt+Mouse / Alt+F7 then Arrow Keys. Solution(By Examveda Team) Ctrl+J aligns the selected text or line to justify the screen. A. Align Justify. Ctrl + J is used to . Ctrl+K: Insert a … D. Print. For example, in most Internet browsers, Ctrl+J is used to open the downloads window. There isn't any generic description for this shortcut. Move the focused window Alt+Space then M then Arrow Keys and ↵ Enter (to save new location) Alt+Mouse / Alt+F3 then M then Arrow Keys. E-mail Address. What this shortcut does in different programs? B. Insert Hyperlink. Comment * Related Questions on MS Word. This key combination suggests pressing and holding down the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keyboard keys to open the Task Manager or reboot the computer. Ctrl+J in an Internet browser. Send Me Lesson #1! Plus, we'll reveal why you shouldn't use PivotTables and what to use instead... First Name. Answer: Option A . C. Search. Join The Discussion. Alternatively referred to as Control J and C-j, Ctrl+J is a shortcut key that varies depending on the program being used. Different application programs, user interfaces, and operating systems use the various … How to use the Ctrl+J shortcut key. Popular programs using this shortcut.