In this age of ballpoints, rollerballs, gel pens and even styluses, a fountain pen can seem like an antiquated relic from the past. Writing sample and demonstration of a "soft" nib. However, if you do wish to make small changes yourself — perhaps it is a cheap fountain pen you are using which holds no sentimental value — the goal for a wetter pen is to increase the size of the gap between the tines, equally, all the way from its start to its finish. If you’ve ever wondered how to use a fountain pen, you’re in the right place. With expert design and top-caliber manufacturing it's no wonder Cross has been the pen of choice for several American presidents. This couldn’t be further from the truth! November 7, 2017 - Posted by Ryan to Guides, Fountain Pens, Pen Modifications, Beginners' Guides, Fountain Pen Beginners' Guides. A fountain pen converter is a small cylindrical device that allows you to fill a fountain pen with bottled ink, instead of ink cartridges. For most fountain pens, converters are the easiest way to experience the hundreds of ink colors that only come in bottles. Writing sample and demonstration of a "firm" nib. An ink converter is not included standard with all fountain pens. Nowadays, virtually all fountain pens use firm nibs that have little flexibility, and the few modern flexible or "soft" nibs like those of the Pilot Elabo (also known as the Pilot Falcon) would only be considered semi-flexible when compared to a vintage flexible nib. This is particularly useful if your fountain pen is restricted to one brand of cartridges that only offers two or three colours. Learning to use a fountain pen converter can be one of the most rewarding writing experiences that one can have. A new realm of possibilities is opened to the user through the availability of ink colours which are not present in ink cartridges, not to mention the simple pleasure of manually drawing ink into a pen. How to Use a Fountain Pen Converter. Cross' extensive selection features something for everyone, combining ranges of classic and contemporary designs - from Limited Editions using precious metals and Swarovski crystals to modern multifunction pens celebrating film and comic characters. A.T. Cross, (or “Cross”) traditionally has been known more for its ballpoints, mechanical pencils, and rollerballs, and particularly for serving as the official supplier of pens to the White House for use in bill signing ceremonies. The majority of From the 1960s to the present, the ultra slim Cross “Century” became a ubiquitous college and/or high school graduation gift in the United States. Fountain pen ink converters give you access to inks from all brands and allow you to choose from a broad spectrum of colours.