Talk about a win-win! Join now to receive my latest recipes and receive a free copy of my ebook, 15 Easy Weekday Meals! cottage cheese smoothie, healthy smoothie recipe, high protein smoothie recipe, Curried Millet Cakes with Cucumber Mint Raita. I guessed 100 but am unsure. If you use a plain cottage cheese, sweeten the smoothie to taste using honey or strawberry jam. ), Cranberry Walnut Scones with Orange Glaze (Gluten Free Option!). I don’t do calorie counts as a policy but I believe there are several tools online that you can use if you want to estimate! I use a Vitamix to make this smoothie, but any blender will work! These strawberry smoothies are hands-down my kids’ favorite new “treat.”  (Read: healthy snack, but don’t tell.). Mix jello together with cottage cheese. As you might know by now, I consider cottage cheese a refrigerator staple, and I’m so happy to have partnered with Hood Cottage Cheese on this post (don’t miss these other two cottage cheese favorites: one-pan vegetarian breakfast strata and easy ratatouille toasts!). I’m Nicki Sizemore, a trained chef, recipe developer and cookbook author. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender, and blend on high until smooth and creamy. This is the best tasting smoothie ever!!!! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Required fields are marked *. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, 4 Mistakes That Ruin Stuffing (and How to Fix Them), Nutrition You can serve the smoothie just as it is, but to take it over the top I like to dress it up with a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream and a sprinkle of crumbled freeze-dried strawberries (the kind you buy in bags at the store). EatingWell may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Healthy Strawberry Cottage Cheese Smoothie (that tastes like a milkshake!). Be the first to rate & review! ), Gluten Free Pear and Ginger Crumble (Easy & Delicious!). Feel free to splash in some more milk if desired (I like it thick!). It's a nutritious snack that tastes like a treat. This Strawberry Cottage Cheese Smoothie is a high protein snack that’s made with cottage cheese. Hi Jessica, I’m so glad you liked the smoothie!! Everywhere I looked around the garden, there were strawberries. Hood Cottage Cheese with Strawberry provides an extra boost of strawberry flavor and sweetness in this smoothie, but if you use a plain cottage cheese, sweeten the smoothie to taste using honey or strawberry jam. All Right Reserved. Be sure all the ... for flavors to blend. Very tasty. This isn’t your everyday smoothie. For other smoothie ideas, don’t miss these. Thank you to Hood Cottage Cheese for sponsoring this post! I often whip up smoothies as healthy snacks or breakfasts, but if I don’t add some sort of protein, we’re all starving an hour later. Thank you to all of the companies who keep From Scratch Fast cooking! If the smoothie is too thick to move around the blade, scrape the sides and add a splash more milk. Everything you need for a delicious feast. Thank you soooooo much. Pour into a ... until firm before serving. Posted by Nicki Sizemore | Jul 22, 2019 | Breakfasts, Drinks, Gluten free, Vegetarian | 4 |. 1/2 cup organic low-fat cottage cheese; 3/4 cup strawberries, sliced… Strawberries and Cottage Cheese. Easy Gluten Free Pie Crust (the BEST crust recipe!). If so, sweeten the smoothie to taste using honey or strawberry jam. While nothing is risk free, some activities are safer than others when it comes to COVID-19. 127 calories; protein 15g 30% DV; carbohydrates 14.1g 5% DV; dietary fiber 2.9g 12% DV; sugars 10.1g; fat 1.6g 2% DV; saturated fat 0.8g 4% DV; cholesterol 4.5mg 2% DV; vitamin a iu 63.6IU 1% DV; vitamin c 84.7mg 141% DV; folate 48.1mcg 12% DV; calcium 92mg 9% DV; iron 0.8mg 4% DV; magnesium 24.4mg 9% DV; potassium 317.5mg 9% DV; sodium 460.2mg 18% DV. This recipe is a fantastic healthy afternoon snack that keeps a growling tummy at bay due to the slow absorbing casein protein and the little bit of fat from the cottage cheese, combined with the fibrous carbs found in the berries. Welcome! Cottage Cheese and Strawberries. I decided to experiment with cottage cheese in our smoothies, and wahoo!! That’s the beauty of berries, you don’t have to care for them, just plant … Homemade stuffing is ridiculously easy to make, but there are a few things you can do that would ruin a perfectly good stuffing. Ingredients. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I use Hood Cottage Cheese with Strawberry to double up on the strawberry flavor, but you could use a plain cottage cheese instead. Info. Easy Chocolate Sauce Recipe / Chocolate Fondue, Easy Gluten Free Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches (Vegan! This version is made with just a few ingredients, which all get blitzed up right in the blender: Since I use Hood Cottage Cheese with Strawberry I don’t have to add any additional sweeteners (!! This healthy cottage cheese smoothie is packed with protein and has a delicious, milkshake-like texture! ), but if you use a plain cottage cheese, you can sweeten the smoothie to taste with honey or with a scoop of strawberry jam. All of my recipes are naturally gluten-free. The cottage cheese provides a super creamy and luxurious texture, not to mention loads of protein, resulting in a smoothie that tastes far more like an indulgent treat than a healthy snack. When adding ingredients to the blender, it’s best to add the liquid first. This healthy, high protein smoothie ditches chalky protein powders for cottage cheese! By Forsythe, Cassandra. You can either use a plain cottage cheese (such as Hood Country Style Cottage Cheese), or one that’s fruit-flavored. In a nice and large bowl, combine the cottage cheese, whipped topping (like Cool Whip), Ingredients: 6 (cheese .. chunks .. cream .. jello .. juice .. strawberries) 2. This snack mixes a serving of dairy with a serving of fresh fruit and provides a boost of vitamin C and calcium to your day. I don’t like protein powders, which I find universally chalky and/or overly sweet, and my kids aren’t big fans of nut butters (oh, the travesty!). Combine 1 cup of strawberries with low-fat cottage cheese.,331977 My mission is to help you make wholesome & delicious food from scratch without spending hours in the kitchen. Easy Healthy Gluten Free Carrot Cake with Maple Cream C... Swiss Chard Gratin (Vegan & Gluten-Free! I was compensated for this post, but all opinions and recipes are mine alone. Gluten Free Recipes for Thanksgiving: 20+ delicious dishes everyone will love! Sheet Pan Roasted Chicken and Veggies (The Ultimate One Pan Meal! It’s a quick and easy option that tastes like a strawberry milkshake and is made with only 5 ingredients! Which is pretty much my idea of heaven. ), (The best!) A light and refreshing dessert! To take these smoothies over the top, dollop them with unsweetened whipped cream and crumble a few freeze-dried strawberries over top. Hi Rebeccca, I’m so happy you like the smoothie!! Mar 10, 2016 Slow absorbing proteins such as casein the type of protein found in dairy products deliver a … Your email address will not be published. The cottage cheese provides an unbelievably creamy texture that tastes like a milkshake. (That’s my excited voice.) JELLO/COTTAGE CHEESE SALAD. © 2020 is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. Can you please estimate the calories per serving? TRUST ME. Offers may be subject to change without notice. In this version I go for Hood Cottage Cheese with Strawberry to double up on the strawberry flavor (it’s also one of Juni’s favorite snacks on its own). This healthy, savory and nutritious strawberry parfait recipe combines fresh fruit, delicious cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and crunchy whole wheat cereal for an easy, 5 minutes breakfast.