The amount of Co2 generated per KWH for a coal fired power plant is somewhere between 950–1000 grams per KWH for most coal based power plants in India.Last year,NTPC average was around 973 gms/KWH. which is almost equal to carbon foot print saved … On an average, a plant when matured can consume up to 21.77 kg of CO2 per year. Taking into account the two years to pay off the embedded energy in the panel, after 25 years a 6.6kw system will have a net saving of around 243 tonnes of CO2. Now with 5kW of Solar Rooftop annual saving of Carbon foot print will be (0.82 X 7300kWh) = 5986 Kg of CO2. 800 kg CO2 savings per year With the VoltStorage SMART you can save up to 800kg of CO2 per … A 6.6kw solar system will produce around 10,600 kwh a year which will save around 10.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Note: If you are a Victorian Powershop customer the emissions shown on this calculator will not be consistent with the emissions … By using a solar battery system, you can increase the consumption of your CO2-free solar energy by 135% on average. Source: Australian Government - Department of the Environment and Energy. In case of Solar … For instance, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) has a footprint of 20 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity produced, in addition to consuming vast amounts of water.