If you are recertifying, the exam fee is $350.00. Practice exams will be available at https://learn.bcen.org and completed courses may be eligible for CE credits within your 4 year certification period. They know CEN exam collection can help them pass exam soon. Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) members’ fee is $230.00 for the initial exam and $210.00 for recertification. Tackle your certification exam with conviction and assurance with a BCEN practice exam. All CEN practice tests are legally and ethically created by highly experienced CEN exam prep team from ‘real life’ case studies, raw test content and experience helping over 3,367 clients pass. Do you have what it takes to be BCEN certified? The course I took was called CEN Exam Review and was taught by Jeff Solheim, MSN, RN, CEN, CFRN, FAEN, TCRN. Retake - $200. The average passing rate for Medical Tests CEN exam is 15% or so every year. The CEN test cost is high, our exam dumps will help you pass exam once. Q. With countless success stories, the course has played a critical role in the advancement and development of the emergency nursing profession. Re-certification - $350. The CEN exam costs $230 ($370 for non-members of ENA). If this is the first time you are registering for the CEN certification, the exam fee is $370.00. The question is that which company can provide accurate CEN exam … A. The cost was $169 and you get access for … Individual Self-Pay: First Exam - $370. How much does it cost to take the CEN exam? The CEN exam is offered year-round. Re-certification - $210 . If the CEN exam collection can help them pass exam successfully they are happy to pay for it. According to the BCEN, the emergency nurse certification process helps patient care by: ... How much does it cost to take the CEN? Comparing to expensive registration fee the cost of exam collection is just a piece of cake. Retake - $340. A maximum of 15 contact hours will be accepted during your current recertification period. CEN Exam Practice Questions. CEN Review Practice Questions. As we all know the CEN test cost is very expensive. In fact most exam cost for IT certifications is from $200 to $4000 which is not cheap. The Certified Emergency Nurse exam is based entirely on practice within the United States. If you fail exam you should pay test cost twice or more. ENA Members: First Exam - $230. ‘Nail the material to your brain’ in the shortest period of time possible. Starting on 06/30/2020 the BCEN practice exams will have a new home! Exam Preparation Course® Since its release in 2003, Solheim's CEN® Review Course has been taught hundreds of times to thousands of students all over the world. When can I take the CEN exam? Membership dues are $100 annually. *Not accredited unless accredited contact hours were provided.