The Italian Words on the Bag. Ideal for classic Neapolitan Pizza. The dough is homogeneous and elastic. I would stay away from fermentations longer than 2 days in the fridge or 8 hrs at RT. Ideal for neapolitan classic pizza. Add to cart. In stock. Flour from Italy is suitable for any kind of pizza. Light, with a perfect rising, satisfy the best maestri pizzaioli’s needs. Flour for soft dough that retains lightness and flavour after cooking. La Farina Speciale per Pizzeria BLU von Antico Molino Caputo ist Weltweit bekannt und beliebt, es gilt als einer der besten Pizzamehle im Kreise der Pizzabäcker.. Elastisches Gluten und weiche Stärke begünstigen die Teigbildung mit ausgezeichneter Feuchtigkeit, leichtem, perfektem Sauerteig, der die Bedürfnisse der besten Pizzaköche befriedigt. PIZZA FLOUR "00" Caputo BLUE 1 x 25kg quantity. PIZZA FLOUR “00” Caputo BLUE 1 x 25kg £ 24.95. They choose soft wheat with high protein levels to create their blends. Antimo Caputo = The name of the company, and the name of the man who owns the company. In stock. Light, with a perfect rising, satisfy the best maestri pizzaioli's needs. Flour contains 12.5% gluten. It is made from 100% wheat and doesn’t contain preservatives, substitutes or flavors. Flour with strong, elastic gluten, ideal for dough that requires a long fermentation. It is also very slack and easy to stretch, but this is only a medium strength flour with and average bread making index of W250. Product code Size Country; 12019: 10 x 1KG: ITALY: Long fermentation. There are no related products for this product. 3# Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour 55 LB Blue Bulk Bag. Elastic gluten and soft starch help doughs to get a great hydration. Caputo's 00 flours for bread, pizza and pasta have higher protein content (11-14%) while still being 00 flour. Caputo Pizzeria Flour (Blue Bag) contains a proprietary amount of Farina Manitoba to give the dough more strength. The crust is soft and tasty. Ingrediants : Wheat View on Amazon. Caputo – Italy’s Premier Flour Exporter. Print CAPUTO PIZZERIA BLUE 10 X 1KG. Elastic gluten and soft starch help doughs to get a great hydration. View on Amazon. Characteristics include elastic gluten and soft starch, which helps the dough to achieve a good level of hydration. Widely known as the best flour for pizzas. The blue pizzeria flour has a much lower W value (180 -250), and the rinforzato or Chef's (red) has a value of 250-300, which means the red is more suited to bread and pastry, whereas the blue is more suited to pizza and most tender northern Italian pastas. 4# Molino Dalla Giovanna Pizza Flour. Copyright 2020, All rights reserved. Antico Molino = "Old Mill". Category: FOOD/FLOUR. Molino Caputo = "Caputo Mill", the name of the mill.