This one is really pleasing on the nose. At $48/2.5 oz (I actually snagged my bottle for $24 at a Factory Store), it's worth a try if you like Bal D'Afrique and are looking for a budget-friendly option. But once the hour fades, so does this scent. Inner wrists, crook of my elbows and chest. this is a sweet citrus with a slight greenness to it on a bed of orange and white florals. It's so obvious to me that I was very surprised to see that none of these notes are listed. I have to say, Bal D'Afrique has lead me down the path of building my fragrance collection, and I couldn't be more grateful! The Byredo scent line offers a decent quality mid-range perfume. The base is composed of black amber, musk, vetiver, and Moroccan cedarwood. Opens sharp, an oily floral zest of citrus, then sweetens to lemon cake close on the skin. Longetivity and sillage both are really good on me. I received this as a gift from my boyfriend, so I never felt the need to force myself to either like it or hate it to justify purchasing/returning it. So much so that I had to pull over on my way back from Neiman Marcus and wash the area of my arm where I had sprayed it. Out of all Byredos I smelled this one stood out by a mile! This dry down is what makes it more unisex since the florals are not heady. We use cookies to improve your shopping experience. See 21 member reviews and photos. This might be nice on a man who enjoys the outdoors. This is a very fanciable, colourful, creamy, kind of sweet but a tasteful, delicious little beauty. I experience the note profile as one layer, rather than in stages. There is a scent that has a similarity to this, but not the same type of scent, it’s called Nuit De Megeve by Eight & Bob. This lasts forever it is one of the longest lasting fragrances I have ever tried to the point of almost lasting too long! Manages to mesh citrus and woody notes together in a unique way- and to make me wear vetiver without complaint, which is a magic trick in itself. Probably. Absolutely loved the opening of this. Sillage is great, lasting power is awesome—like most Byredo stuff. For as long as I remember her, my grandma had a 1950s-looking box of bath powder with a big puff sitting on the vanity in her bathroom. Gypsy Water is almost just water. The note pyramid confuses me, as does the name of this scent. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jerome Epinette. On the other hand, though, I think the performance and price are better than Hermes Vetiver Tonka, which does smell very similar, but with a much lower dose of citrus. Is this too feminine for a guy working in a hospital? This scent is approximately similar to orange, but it isn't sour at all. After that, it goes a different path - while the Creeds is more linear, this goes to a creamy floral vibe. out of Love it! Shampoo. It then becomes more floral and I get ever so faint traces of a powdery accord, perhaps the violet. Ultimately it's a nice summery citrus floral which is quite unisex, even though I can understand if some men may find it a bit too feminine. Sillage is not too big but ok, but honestly i dont prefer clouds of frags tho. All our perfumes are legal dupes NOT illegal fakes. Not nearly as unique as I had hoped it would be but nice nevertheless. To sum things up I am happy to call this my signature scent! save. Floral scents but not heavy . There's a dirty, sweet vetiver in here, musk, woods and lemon. I didn't get the hype with Bal d'Afrique , I get gummy like smell and get synthetique feeling from it. possibly pull this off under circumstances. Violet-amber-vetiver-musk? Article or Information. Bal d'Afrique is a perfect blend fruitiness, sweetness, and florals making is wearable anytime and anywhere. Intially pineapple/ coconut/ powder/ incense, drydown pineapple and Underarm- sweat . GW and Flowerhead are my favorite Byredo's so far with Bal coming in after. This started out with a powerful and attention grabbingly citrus that put me in The Lemon Zone. It’s def Bal d’Afrique! this starts off gourmand and floral, not exactly what i expected. But I would slap this on when invited out to a champagne brunch or a picnic on a hot day. Warm, light, floral, fruity and tropical. Bal d'Afrique has it all, it's sweet, yet powerful and sooo sensual. I live in California and it was pretty warm yesterday when I tested, 80-ish. Reminds me of a body lotion type scent. Was going back and forward with Bleu de Chanel EDT or EDP but something always felt not quite right with those two. This doesn't smell African inspired to me. I costs only a fraction of the EdP but stays on skin for a long time and I'm guessing it's pretty much the same thing. I see that it's mostly given a warm weather vote but I wear it year round. Totally unisex and would smell great on anyone. I remember buying this close to ten years ago. I love B d’A but I will have to pass. It's one of those perfectly mixed and balanced perfumes that have that je ne sais quoi. So I recommend trying before you buy and also you don't need the larger bottle as the 50ml will probably last you years and years! I'm so happy to own this, it's such a juicy, carefree and relaxing fragrance. I dig it. EDIT: I am currently wearing BR90: Pure White from Banana Republic's Icon Collection, and it is close to (but not quite) a dupe of Bal D'Afrique but with an added tea note and toned down florals. I actually bought a full bottle from a gentleman who said this leans a little too feminine for him. I will gift my bottle to someone who can appreciate it, which shouldn't be hard to locate since this seems like a very popular scent. Took this to fiji lslands and this was i beast 16hrs longevity with massive projection i was surprised this hot and humid climate as name says Africa. One of the rare fragrances i want to purchase the other scented products in because i love it that much. It smells like very luxury soap. A bit masculine, bud not too much, can be worn any time of year. All orders are processed within the usual timings. I can detect a very fresh vetiver, the marigold and citrus. Skin scent in 30 minutes. It has quite a large following on both fragrance forums and on YouTube. Nothing special, but it is pleasant, well blended and mass appealing. After about 3.5-4 hrs. Perfect for warmer weather. And now i think Epinette comes again:) The frag is very nice, creamy, huggable and not a simple dupe. Imagine my surprise, when I saw my personal little note in the 'for test' box with only one word - 'vetiver'! As some have mentioned, I first found the perfume to smell like a rather horrid pineapple flower (of course, this doesn't have to hold true for someone else whose skin chemistry is very different from mine and I have to add I'm not one for fruity/tropical-leaning scents). Bal d'Afrique was launched in 2009. What's with all the hype? I thought I would hate this to be honest, imagining a dry hay fragrance. I just totally adore this fragrance. I definitely get the strong floral note, as well, but damn - that lemon is sticking around, and I can't say I'm mad at it! I’m not running out to buy a bottle yet. I've just tried this fragrance today and all I can say that I am in love with it❤ Like another previous reviewer said it reminds me very much of Hermes Vetiver Tonka.Funny enough I was saying to my husband that and then I read that review. A fantastic fragrance - and very close to Atelier’s Orange Sanguine. seems like Byredo smells better and longer lasting in tropical climate like here in Indonesia. The vetiver-musk is what really pulls forward, making it smell slightly like car freshener. To my nose this is a pleasant pineapple, lily, musk fragrance with a dash of sandalwood. This is really something - a high quality, unique fragrance. I can pick up the lemon, blackcurrant and marigold notes, but I'm also getting a really distinctive pineapple note which is persistently dominating everything else. This is one of those scents that I fell instantly in love with. I have to admit, I blind bought this and was gutted when I wore it for the first time. Relief. This is my 2nd favorite scent by Byredo, Gypsy Water being my first choice. The 2 don’t smell that much alike but they feel the same. Great if you’re going someplace for a couple hours, but most of us need fragrances to last longer than that. Also hairspray . I love this fragrance. please. I agree with ignas, this fragrance is aromatic and almost transparent, yet reminds you of hot dirt and sun torched plants.It has smoothness, smells simple, but you are reminded it is complex with light dances of resins and spices with soft sweetness,dry earth, and toasted leaves.