In fact, when you have something coming toward the camera and there's a distorted body shape because of it, well, when is painting? So I like these images where I'm down low and it's just a matter of Worthy's second set of images too low or not. That is pretty dark, and I know that you might think that's too dark. So instead I'm going to click on my brush tool, and I'm just gonna go in and take a look at how hard and large the size is. Steps we can take to get representatives to pay attention, like the importance of regular interaction and becoming a resource. And we did do that leg separately. Right? See which costumes Brooke uses again and again and how to build a costume wardrobe with a few essentials that won’t break your budget. So that takes away that hard edge of the brush that we don't want to see. But when her legs kind of spread open a little bit more, it added more triangles to the shot, more areas of connection between her body parts. So I have not practiced editing these pictures. Available with seamless streaming across your devices. I actually really like that and It's easy to think that this is too much because of where we started. There is quite a bit more contrast. Watch a free lesson today. Gonna feather. So because I am on a Microsoft device, I'm clicking Ault. Brooke walks through poses that become more and more complex, from posing the model behind a Plexiglas sheet, then adding water, then adding syrup. Learn how to source, put together and polish backgrounds for your images by utilizing everyday objects, set design, and compositing. Like I mentioned during shooting. It doesn't matter. What is the next thing that's going to make this better for me? Can you redo it to fit? So maybe something down here and it's always good to just, you know, refresh where you've selected your sample from. So we've got this beautiful square frame, and now I'm going to think about how to fill in those sidebars that I just created because we have to white strips down the side. The most successful artists are able to use inspiration strategically to create innovative works that regularly impress their audience. Raw in camera, raw. Like many famous people and celebrities, Brooke Shaden keeps her personal life private. Um, whenever you used to edit your images here, I'm just almost getting rid of the strap, just really going over it and not letting that get in the way. And you see how I had her spread her knees apart a little bit more for some of those that really added a more dynamic look before she was kind of compact, turned to the side to the camera, and I think that that it kind of looked like, almost like she just kind of squatted down and we took the picture and there wasn't as much thought put into the angle. And this one looks a little bit too posed to me. And what is the simplest tool that's going to get me to that place? We could take this away by using the brush tool and painting right over it like we just did with the sides. I can't do this to that extreme because it's going to look quite strange, but I could do it a little bit and start to bring out some of the more natural color of her legs. You might make a different choice. Brooke will photograph three different poses, each one changing the story of the image, to demonstrate how pose can alter the viewer’s perception of the series. It's creating a beautiful, painterly texture anyway, which I just adore and is really helpful for the Siri's that is meant to blur those lines. So I just prefer starting with that slightly darker look rather than brighter. So we're gonna let that fall off into darkness to we're going to add texture on top of it because that's part of my style. Millennials is a generation who grew up with computers, internet and social networks. Thio, uh, you know, support my hand on my wrist rather than moving my wrist to support the strokes. I have a final vision of what I want this to look like, and I know that this painterly, smeary style is going to fit right in. Now. We will continue to update information on Brooke Shaden’s parents. Brooke Shaden’s mother’s name is unknown at this time and her father’s name is under review. So let's go ahead and start to make it darker. Definitely recommended! What are we going to try to edit? So let's take the exposure down just a little bit. Defining what stories you want to tell about yourself directly influences how you tell the story of your brand through your business. 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Look at which fabrics work best for costuming, how color plays a role in costume selection, and how to tea dye or coffee stain costumes. So we're going to edit to some sorrow images, and then we're going ... to jump into the self portrait composites, which you should have as downloads, so you can edit along with me for that portion. And if something cannot fit into that visual through line, ask yourself. Go ahead and click in the background again. I'm not sure about this. The closer shot or the further shot meaning less distorted or more distorted. From creating self-portraits and writing to international adventures and motivational speeches, she wants to live a thousand lives in one. You can use the heel brush tool to go through the background, and you can actually get rid of any lines by making it look really textured in the background.