Serve this easy slow-cooker turkey breast with potatoes and dressing for a tasty family dinner. Skinless Turkey Breast Roasting Temperature. With this recipe, you can have your favorite Thanksgiving meal any day of the week. It’s perfectly moist, simple and delicious. Place turkey breast into a large slow cooker. A few quick “crockpot turkey” notes. And the best part about it is that most of the heavy lifting is done by the slow cooker.It literally takes just 5 minutes to prepare. I'm all for turkey dinner, especially around the holidays. This Slow Cooker Turkey Breast is an amazing alternative to roasting a whole bird. A tip is to use poultry shears and cut the backbone out of the turkey, so it'll lay flatter in the slow cooker … Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit while you prep. When making skinless, boneless preparations like turkey breast fillet recipes or turkey breast tenderloin recipes, roast at a lower temperature for a longer time. A whole turkey won't fit in my slow cooker, so thank goodness for turkey breast. —Camille Beckstrand, Layton, Utah This does take some planning and preparation as a turkey will generally need to sit in the fridge for 1-2 days (a 5-7 pound turkey) to get fully thawed out. While a whole turkey won’t likely fit in your slow cooker, a turkey breast will. Slow-Cooked Turkey with Herbed Stuffing. Stir garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, seasoned salt, basil, and oregano in a bowl until thoroughly combined; sprinkle the seasonings over the turkey breast. Be sure that your turkey is 100% thawed out before putting it in the crockpot. Whisk onion soup mix and water in a bowl and pour the mixture over the turkey breast, spreading it out to evenly cover the meat. Gentler, slower cooking is less likely to dry out the turkey meat. Kitchen tools for cooking boneless skinless turkey breast. Use a fully thawed turkey breast for the recipe, unstuffed, and cook it on your slow cooker's high setting. Roasting a turkey breast requires only a few simple kitchen tools: A simple roasting pan or casserole dish. What kind of turkey can I make in the slow cooker? An instant read meat thermometer is a MUST for any roasted turkey breast. I cook it with my grandma's easy stuffing recipe for a happy meal that doesn't require any hard work. I’m able to find it at both Aldi and Walmart so I think it’s pretty readily available. Use the boneless turkey breast that you find in the freezer section at the grocery store.