Like, when did my baby become These baby-led weaning recipes are nutritious first finger foods for babies from 6 months of age. BLW Meal Ideas When I started looking into how and when to start solids I came across BLW, or babyled weaning, and knew I wanted to implement it into our life. We started off doing a combo of BLW and purees around 6 months. Healthy toddler meal ideas. Check these recent posts for some baby led weaning lunch ideas. Fear not! These simple, minimal-prep, baby-led weaning first food ideas are perfect for teaching a 6 month old how to eat. Within this post there are 21 baby led weaning lunch ideas with something for every taste, every diet and every baby. What my toddler eats in a week. I am here with 21 baby led weaning lunch ideas to satisfy every taste bud! To be honest, I'm not much for cliches, but when I think about the fact that it's already January of 2018, I can't help but wonder how I made it from 39 weeks pregnant last June to the New Year. This chicken satay for toddlers is served on lolly sticks which makes it great for baby-led weaning and ensures dinner time is fun as well 15 mins Easy Low in salt and soft in texture you will find easy BLW meal ideas, baby snacks & breakfasts Introducing solids should be fun, not stressful, I hope your little one enjoys these baby led weaning ideas as much as my four kiddos have. These are our favourite recipes because the majority can be batch cooked; can be served to the whole family and are healthy and nutritious! Though these meals were documented when my son was a toddler, most of these ideas can be offered to babies too with minor modifications to shape of cut vegetables and staying away from any sweeteners like sugar and honey.