Just as you can’t build a ten-story building on a foundation meant for three stories, you can’t progress as a piano … Patterns, 2. (For the sake of brevity, I’ll only look at playing blues in the key of C). See the schedule to the right. These scales do not determine a key !Just the blues scale can be considered a basis for a particular key (Blues). In today's lesson, we are looking at GOSPEL BLUES PIANO RUNS & LICKS. Blues,Whole tone,Diminished,Diminished/Whole tone,Pentatonic scales Ok, do not become confused! Blues Scale In general it can be used on every chord but above all on min7 th and dominant 7th chord.This scale is much used above all in A fill is a series of notes that form a musical phrase. Extending this idea to even more exciting, piano improvisations; A few more exemplifications of options to choose notes from; Handout with images as per used in the tutorial and text explanation, audio only and MIDI files (4x – all improvisation versions) available for Premium Couturians. Or, click here for the full calendar. from The Blues Piano Crash Course Lesson #8 (video) In this lesson, we master a couple of specific blues piano tricks of the trade. The origin of licks, riffs and fills | Improvisation 101 I Know Youre Out There Some (The Moody Blues) - download Please install flash ... Im Just a Singer (The Moody Blues) - download It's a great way for beginners to sound very cool, without having to be as good as Oscar Peterson. Whether you are just starting with keyboard or you have been playing for a while, the diligence to focus on your foundation will pay off. New Age and Contemporary Left Hand Patterns. All training sessions are recorded and put in the Live Training section of the Jazzedge Community.. Click on the Join Session link (listed on the right) to join that session. Using the chords and keys outlined in the blues chord chart above, here are a few blues chord progression examples you can try out for yourself. Throughout the month there are several opportunities to work with me live. Musicians use fills to create movement between chords, fill empty space between chord strums or to add rhythmic variation to a song. I only included 100 left hand patterns, but there are so many more patterns you can create. our Gaps as a Piano Player Congratulations! Rock and Pop Left Hand Patterns, and 4. See what you can come up with and take your piano playing to … In each example, I’ve listed 3 components, the 12-bar blues pattern, the chords I’ve selected for each progression, as … If you're just browsing, scroll to the bottom of this page and listen to the audio example to get an idea of what this lesson is about. Essentially, the blues is a specific progression that uses the C7, F7, and G7 chords. Improvising the blues on the piano is a lot easier than you might think. All times are Eastern Standard Time. 52 Rhythm Fills & Variations will transform your blues rhythm playing so you can play chorus after chorus in the same song without it ever sounding boring or stale… and without having to learn a bunch of “finger buster” chords or exotic scales.. Jazz, Blues, and Boogie-Woogie Left Hand Patterns, 3. Learning to create fills between primary chords allows you … The blues chord progression lasts 12 bars (thus the phrase “12-bar blues”) that move in a familiar pattern using those three chords. I’m using the word specific here, because we’re going to use these devices with a goal in mind, a musical effect that is pretty specific..