It was two dollars more than the Malibu, but it was on sale so we thought, How could anyone pass up a deal this good? from This is the smoothest and most natural tasting coconut rum I have ever tried, and I've tried more than my fair share of coconut rums. It has been emailed to the Rum Captain and will be actioned shortly. 39 ratings. United States Mixed or straight, this Coconut Rum should be a cornerstone liquor in your home bar. We Mixed it with: We made a coconut mojito by mixing this stuff, Coco Lopez, and the other regular ingredient of a mojito. by I live in a state-controlled state so the only two offerings are Coconut and Banana ,which I'll have to try. It is very sweet and is definitely for mixing in Tiki style drinks. Tastes Like: A less coconutty version of Malibu (this whole review is going to be comparing it to Malibu, isn’t it?). with The distillery is located just yards from the beach, while the rum is aged nearby in white oak casks. Bill Gaylor from from Thanks so much for submitting a report. by Easily access Rumratings while on the go by adding a shortcut to your home screen. Posted 5 years ago by by The scent isn’t as powerful as Malibu but it’s probably less sweet. with with by Thank-you for your submission. Blue Chair Bay Spiced Coconut rum was introduced May 2013. 5 ratings. Posted Have you found an online vendor selling Blue Chair Bay Coconut? Falcon91Wolvrn03 It is one of four rum varieties created by country music star Kenny Chesney and Mike Booth, the Master Blender at the West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados. from No alcohol burn. MaximumRUM United States This authentic Caribbean rum is blended with natural ingredients and available in: Spiced, White, Coconut, Banana, Coconut Spiced, Vanilla, Key Lime Rum Cream, Banana Rum Cream, Pineapple Rum Cream and Coconut Spiced Rum Cream. 2 ratings. If Pina Colada is your thing, it is the perfect compliment to it. Dave I like my mixed drinks with a little bite so I would recommend added some BLUE CHAIR BAY WHITE RUM in addition to this coconut version if you are like me. over 4 years ago Posted Whaddya know. – “I can tell there is coconut in here somewhere…”, – “Can you even name one Kenny Chesney song?”. Not bad, we’re guessing it won’t be as popular amongst those who like sweeter drinks, but if you are looking for just a hint of coconut for whatever less-than-girly cocktail you’re making, this might be the stuff for you. RumHaven Coconut Rum. Sugar Island, made by the Trinchero family who are more known for their wines, including Sutter Home, is very sweet but outstanding coconut flavor. Posted over 5 years ago with 4 ratings. Casperino All you have to do is click the from I'd like to try the Blue Chair Spiced Rum but minimum order in Pennsylvania is 3 bottles. No chemical taste or smell as with some other coconut rums that I have tried. Tried this one in place of Blue Chair White for my favorite cocktail mix (pineapple, orange juice and grenadine) and I was surprised that it added what I didn't know that my drink was missing. Great coconut aroma and taste. The coconut isnt over powering, and the taste is amazing. from Please input the URL directly to the vendor page with the rum for sale and we will automatically show it on RumRatings. Toast Well known country singer Kenny Chesney created the The Blue Chair Bay rum brand, which is named after his ballad "Old Blue Chair. Very smooth. It was damn delicious. Imagine Malibu Coconut Rum but smoother" Learn More. with This maybe the best rum I have ever tasted!! 7 years ago with This is really tasty, just enough coconut flavor but not overpowering. And I was not disappointed. This rum is great with Pineapple juice or an upgrade to any Malibu based drinks. This rum can be sipped straight up, or on the rocks without any need of fillers. Anyway, the Malibu (the only coconut rum that you should ever buy) was sitting front and center on the shelf  when we saw this blue bottle called “Blue Chair Bay” which, by coincidence, was also coconut rum. This is by far my favorite flavored rum. Can't Believe how tasty thisis.. BEST BY FAR! over 6 years ago over 4 years ago “Kenny understands how to create not just an incredible show, but a real connection with his fans. United States And I have tasted a lot. icon and then mixed with the real sugar Mexican Coca-Cola from Costco. Recommendable to most, Posted Very smooth, perfect amount of coconut flavor, not too sweet or overpowering... very balanced. You’ll like this if you like: Hmmmm…Malibu? Superman United States from 5 years ago from United States Enjoyed it immensely. by I would not drink this neat or on the rocks.