Step 4: Increase your stitch to 3.0mm or 4.0mm. Love them and the woman who showed me how well that foot works when top stitching close to the edge! And, since my machine came with one, I bet I could have saved myself the $10! Yes, my blind-hem foot is similar to my stitch-in-the-ditch foot, only the blind-hem foot has an adjustable blade. A blind stitch foot has similar properties to a stitch in the ditch foot. I have used the foot my old Bernina calls the blind hemming foot for edge stitching. You run the blade along the existing seam (the "ditch") to keep your stitches placed exactly in the seam. I bet it would be great if you couldn’t move your needle from center! It looks just like both the blind stitch foot and edge stitch foot you show in the photos. Because a longer stitch length makes for a prettier edgestitching! Basically, both should have a blade on the bottom of the foot that is even with the needle. The blindhem presser foot is an extremely versatile foot all because of the small blade divider! It is this blade that is the key to stitching a gorgeously straight line of edgestitch stitching! I can’t tell the difference!