Bluebonnets like to hedge their bets, some germinating this year, some next year, and others some time in the future. Or, just as the seedpods are turning brown, pull the entire plant, including roots, from the container and place it in a closed paper grocery bag. All along Austin’s roadways, bluebonnets are making their annual splashy appearance. But act fast: They don’t last long. I scattered some prepared seed in a rather difficult patch of rocky soil that can’t really even be dug because of a huge vein of solid caliche just inches below the soil and many feet deep. Bluebonnets are toxic to humans and animals. Truly stunning close up. (yes, it’s November) It will be interesting to see how the spring crop turns out. Allow two weeks after the full bloom period has passed for the seeds to mature. Seeds sown naturally take two to three years to germinate. So beautiful! The flowers develop on plants that germinated the previous fall and developed root structure through the winter. Would you believe I spotted a bluebonnet poking up in my yard this weekend?!? I had straggling blooms as late as late July! Soil . Dead plants make no seeds for next year’s crop. I thought, “Heck, just for this year, I might have a few little flowers to enjoy”. Idk if that’s the way to do it but it worked for me. Have some respect! While the bluebonnets are not as plentiful as they were last year, we are seeing some, kzachry. Photo: Flickr/Jack Bluebonnets need full sun to grow their best. In a state that experiences its share of drought, they have adapted. I added a few prepared seeds to the new section just to give it a head start and add to the ones that nature planted for me. Bluebonnets, being one of the state symbols, can be seen growing in every corner of the state, but the Texas Hill Country seems to be their favorite place. The fields bloom for about 6 weeks, from March till mid-April. I am no gardener whatsoever so last yr when my bluebonnets pods were still green. How long do bluebonnets last? But there’s a little bit of topsoil that hasn’t totally washed away, just enough for very tough natives… like bluebonnets… to survive, and boy did they! I hate it when you two fight! Stretches of lovely bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis) draw your attention to their attractive blue-purple flowers whose shape resembles that of a bonnet. They had a paper map just for bluebonnet trails with 3 trails But this is the 1st yr I’ve had so many come out that I planted last yr wih the seed still green. There’s an approximate two- to four-week window every March and April for catching sight of these wildflowers. Let’s see your bluebonnets! Interested? It’s hard to anticipate exactly where … Do not scarify your seeds if you do not plan to water them during dry periods throughout the winter. A good strategy is revisiting places where you previously found flowers. Thank you very much, I will not get over it. Thanks! Filed Under: Activities, Day Trips, Discoveries. Here’s my bluebonnet patch in the front yard. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center’s bluebonnet areas,, The Ultimate Guide to Texas Wines for the Holiday Season, 7 of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Austin, House of ZZ Creates Sustainable and Eco-Focused Swimwear, At Home Series: Con’ Olio Moves Olive Oil + Balsamic Vinegar 101 Class Online. The seeds popped, and it looks like I now have a stand of bluebonnets that is establishing itself– next year’s display will be much larger, it seems. Bluebonnets bloom in the early spring of the year. Got it… this was JUST as the display was starting to bloom! Fill your containers with an all-purpose potting mix that drains well, and place the containers in sunny spot. The plants reseed each season. Gretchen Heber is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in online media. To encourage more bluebonnets in a field, it’s important to wait until at least half the pods have turned tan before mowing. Keep little ones and pets from putting plants in their mouth. The tan, fuzzy pods turn brown, fall off and seeds pop out to spread. They should know–for more than 60 years, TXDot has been sowing seeds, putting out 30,000 pounds every year and keeping Texas beautiful. You can add bluebonnets to the garden or a container as transplants or as seeds. “White Rock”, from which our part of Dallas gets its name!). Reply. Bluebonnets set against old tractor in Bolivar Peninsula, TX (Credit: Rebecca Belcher Photography), Would you believe this photo was taken on William Cannon, a heavily traveled urban thoroughfare in Austin? We stopped at the Ennis Visitor Center to see what information we could get and was surprised and impressed by the Visitor Center for a town that size. Scarification–the botanical term for breaking open tough seed pods–speeds up the process. Thank you for sharing this lovely photo! You can toss the seeds onto the lawn, as well, because bluebonnets will grow and bloom before grass emerges from winter dormancy. Species often called bluebonnets include: Lupinus argenteus, silvery lupine The bluebonnet legumes will burst open, flinging the seeds quite a distance. PLEASE find a spot on the edge of the patch rather than the middle. They don’t even need quality soil, so they’re perfect for problem areas that get lots of sun. You know, like CDs, event tickets and other cool stuff. How Long Does it Take the Eastern Redbud to Germinate? Drive along Texas highways in late March or April, and you'll be hard-pressed to keep your eyes on the road. While bluebonnet is the official flower of the Lone Star State, you can grow it elsewhere and you may wonder what to do after the flowers have died. Thank you glad you liked them feel free to share. Some were dry and the seeds had popped out but most were still not ready. Muleshoe Bend Park in Spicewood, TX (Credit: Steve Ingenito, Country Sleep Photography). When should I no longer expect to see the beautiful state flower along the side of the road? We drove down from Ft Worth area just to see the bluebonnets. If nature is too slow, either freeze harvested seeds before dousing with boiling water or soak them in water overnight before planting. An Austin blog with hundreds of unique articles. By the way, why do you mow them down? Add the lovely legumes to terra cotta pots, half wooden barrels, hanging baskets or other decorative containers. Give them plenty of sunlight, water when dry and just leave them alone. Optimum bluebonnets planting and germination soil temperature is between 55 – 70 F (12 – 20 C). Really appreciate you taking the time to read and share your photos. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. UPDATE at 12:30 p.m. April 17, 2018: Updated to add information about how Lady Bird Johnson worked to protect roadside wildflowers. In October and November, you can sow bluebonnet seeds, scattering them over the planting area and lightly covering them or raking them in. Question: March 14, 2004 — When is a good time to visit Texas to see the Bluebonnets? Thanks to Lady Bird Johnson’s efforts to beautify the state’s highways, generations of Texans have grown up with a shared rite of passage, taking the family portrait in fields full of the state flower. Native plants use less water and require less care (in fact, fertilizing bluebonnets results in more leaves than blooms). April 3, 2015 by Leah Nyfeler 19 Comments, Bluebonnets in bloom at Pace Bend Park, Spicewood, TX (Credit: Jeff Cohen, Moonshine Images). You don't want to bury the central crownlike structure, because the plant will rot. The pictures are not coming up with the comment. I’ve got baby bluebonnets in my yard already!! Plan to plant again the following year…and repeat. Until recently they were hard to come by but in the last week or two I’ve found 4! (Credit: Dave Pedley, davep photography). She has also worked with several daily newspapers across the United States, serving as a graphic designer, writer and editor. I, like always was too I’m patient to wait for them to dry since I usually grab as many seeds as I can and just plant them that same yr. It is illegal in Texas to walk on a highway or highway shoulder. Look for a safe walkway. Sunset at Berry Springs Park and Preserve in Georgetown, TX (Credit: Tyler Malone, The Second Shooter). Thank you for sharing. Bluebonnets are expected to have a long season this year. I had a small stand of bonnets, just big enough to add a sweet splash of color in that otherwise barren corner. After your bluebonnet plants start to die back, about six to eight weeks after the flowers' springtime bloom, their seedpods mature, turning yellow or brown and drying out. But in cooler zones, sow seeds in spring after the last frost date has been passed. What was about an 8 foot patch is now about 30 feet long by maybe 15 feet wide, and the original patch is just about as dense as it was when I planted it!