The biggest carp ever caught in the UK has been confirmed dead this evening [Tuesday, June 12]. The fish was clearly bloated at … The biggest living carp in Devon has been caught at 53lb 2oz. The fishery attracts controversy by its […] The biggest carp landed from France was 100 lb 8 oz, a common carp that has since died. The massive mirror, known as the Big Plated, weighed 83lb 4oz when it was caught from Wingham's Carp Lake in Kent last November.. Ian Burton landed the giant from Euro Aqua in Hungary as part of an astonishing 71-fish haul taken over more than half a ton of bait. This gigantic 105lb 14oz mirror is the biggest carp ever caught by a British angler – and it was all part of a session of extremes. Great British rod snappers Follow The Telegraph A summary of the biggest carp ever caught. It’s the largest carp ever caught at the 30-lake holiday venue and came from the site’s Kracking Carp Lake. Most of the carp in this video come from Euro Aqua, home of the world record carp. A roofer has caught Britain's biggest ever carp fish but may not claim the record amid fears he will be slated by angling purists. Roman Hanke gives a full view of his 101 lb World record carp. Thomas Krist (right) cradles the previous record carp that scaled a staggering 48 kg – which converts to 105 lb 13 oz. Euro Aqua’s World carp record pedigree. A Brit has caught the biggest carp in the world; that's to say, he has broken the record for the biggest carp ever caught - who knows if there's an even bigger monster lurking in the waters somewhere. The well maintained Euro Aqua fishery holds many more giant carp, plus catfish, zander and pike, and packages can be booked to fish there. What’s the biggest carp caught? Steve Elsbury banked the mirror known as Silver Back from Anglers Paradise at 53lb 2oz. In all, the Derbyshire angler ca The biggest carp caught in Britain was caught only two weeks ago by Tom Doherty in Shropshire, weighing in at 70lbs.