Learn how your comment data is processed. Khaled also works in Creative Media Design. It has enough to crack any interviews related to programming. Here is a great app for civil engineers that contain everything in detail. Automobile Engineering is very vast field. Download Chemical Engineering Handbook: Android | iOS. The app can get you to learn the language fast and efficiently with its 64 lessons covering everything in detail about Java. Mechanical engineers, naval architects, civil engineers, HVAC engineers, electrical engineers, and almost all engineers will find this useful. With the advancement in technology Engineering Education becomes popular. 1. To revise the C language at a glance, or even master it anytime, the app is a magic wand! Some other features that the app offers include Easy Searching of words and definitions, Explanatory images with 100s of words, the “add a word to favorite” option, the Browsing of Civil Engineering Lectures, Notes, Tutorials, and Articles, the content of Dictionary available Offline and search history. Some of the main features of the app include F, T, and q loads, Fixed and hinge connections at beam ends, Moment, shear, stress deflection, reaction force, and unity checks, Imposed deflections, fixed, hinge and roller support in any direction, the scale of the entire structure, wobbly effect and many more. Here are the best engineering apps for Android phones and iPhones, from research resources to solving problems or learning about electronics components. Khaled is using Android OS since the very first Google Phone. With the help of this Android app we can easily use any mathematics formula when we need without searching in books or on internet. A growing range of apps for engineers continue to appear on the market. This Android app is designed for automobile Engineering student. This is one ideal engineering app since it allows engineers to import any steel profile or a general section from free engineering libraries. List Of Best Android Apps For Engineering Students. It is one of the best engineering apps for iPad. Engineers can also share their works, use automatic dimension lines, and the list of opportunities is endless. It provide more than 150 topics of software Engineering which are arranged according to chapter wise. Students like to do the bachelor and Masters in Different types of Engineering Computer,  IT,  Civil, Mechanical, Electronics etc. Software Engineering app is basically designed to know the basic concept of software Engineering for Computer and IT students. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Android provide the perfect compatibility of hardware and software. It is an amazing Android app for computer Engineering students. The app allows you to view DWG files and basic drawing and drafting tools for editing and sharing AutoCAD drawings on the go. It is a scientific calculator which can perform many types of calculations like log, algebraic, unit conversion, physics constants table, Angle values etc. Android marketplace have apps in each and every field. 9 Android Apps for Engineers; 9 Android Apps for Engineers Jun 12, 2013. by Chitra Sethi Managing Editor, ASME.org. Frame Design. This app covers all the topics you need to prepare for cracking any interview related to programming. This is a rich app for architects, mechanical engineers, students, and civil engineers who need to design 2D frames. SoloLearn is one of the best apps to learn to program as it offers tons of programming topics and methods. Now we do not need to remember complex mathematics formulas. The Chemical Engineering Handbook app is a great resource for different tools. Approximately 10 thousand user download this app. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Reset Galaxy S4 phone to factory settings or Wipe cache partition (Hard Reset) to refresh the system performance.