If the safe handling practices, which have been recommended by those who manufacture Beryllium-based products, are adhered to with the necessary degree of rigor, these material components will essentially pose no health risk. Beryllium oxide is used for rocket engines, catalysts, semiconductors, moderators of atomic reactors, and neutron reflectors. Established: 1959 Ownership type: Privately Owned. Solid monolithic forms of fired Beryllium Oxide ceramic components will not present any meaningful health risks. These is aluminium oxide stones , i have checked this content very carefully before i start selling these , i know about hazard beryllium oxide , i think these stones can saletly use for sharpening knives, etc, this is russian item,i itself use edges for fast shappening, these can use for scraping rust and oxide in contakt places etc Banning or Restricting of Beryllium Oxide in Products (FAQ 300) Airborne Beryllium Levels and Exposure Assessment (FAQ 301) Beryllium and Housekeeping (FAQ 303) Beryllium Blood Lymphocyte Proliferation Test (BeBLPT) (FAQ 304) Material Declaration of Beryllium Ceramic in Products (FAQ 305) Occupational Exposure Values from ACGIH (FAQ 306) Recycling, … Beryllium Oxide Insulators. BC0970 Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Ceramic Substrates. beryllium oxide ceramic powder 2. Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation. Beryllium Oxide Ceramic. Some power semiconductor devices have used beryllium oxide ceramic between the silicon chip and the metal mounting base of the package in order to achieve a lower value of thermal resistance than for a similar construction made with alumina. Manufacturer of advanced ceramics specializing in beryllium oxide ceramics and hot pressed composite ceramics with complete in-house facilities for pressing, firing, metallizing, and precision machining of simple to complex parts. Sintered beryllium oxide, which is very stable, has ceramic characteristics. As an amorphous solid, beryllium oxide is white.Its high melting point leads to its use as a refractory material. Manufacturing of BeO ceramics (1) Selection of raw materials. Beryllium Oxide Ceramics FAQs . Beryllium oxide insulators have a high dielectric strength, which allows safe operating voltages of 1500 volts or more. Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Ceramic Substrates Stanford Advanced . Collapse All Expand All. This colourless solid is a notable electrical insulator with a higher thermal conductivity than any other non-metal except diamond, and exceeds that of most metals. Beryllium Oxide Safety. CBL CERAMICS LTD. Beryllium oxide (BeO), also known as beryllia, is an inorganic compound with the formula BeO. The particle size of BeO raw material has a great influence on the performance of BeO ceramics.