While you spend time in self-isolation, there’s plenty of time to read and learn. I’ve relied on the Oxford Companion as my primary reference for most educational projects at the brewery, and it’s well worth a passing glance, but definitely deserves some recognition. Educational Resources Interactive Beer Tasting Worksheets These five beer tasting worksheets help you explore three pairing interactions: complement, contrast and cut. This is admittedly a blog, but it’s written by one of the most well-informed beer writers and historians. A more well organized collection of his work can also be found on AllAboutBeer.com. You’ll also hear about sustainable agriculture practices. Jason will showcase extremely small production beers with limited availability, a few of which have not yet been sold commercially. Download it now. Each brewer will pair one of their beers with BBQ from a restaurant in their home region. Maintenance of used barrels is a beautiful art that brewers are having to relearn. The print version is expensive as hell, and is nearly 800 pages, but its entire contents are available for free via BeerAndBrewing.com. Join Kentucky’s Country Boy Brewing founder Daniel Harrison as he teams up with Mike Friedman of DC restaurant The Red Hen to offer attendees a look at regionally inspired craft beers and food pairings. We’re glad you’re here! These beer tasting worksheets take you through tasting common beer styles alongside common food ingredients to allow you to quickly form generalizations about common interactions between beer and food. Matt walks through the recipe development process and what ingredients their brewers look for to balance each pepper. The course is designed to guide anyone, including brewery employees, culinary educators, and students through the principles of beer and food pairing. Use this checklist when accepting beer deliveries to help keep quality at the forefront of your distributor and in-house staff. If you work in retail sales, the hospitality and service industry, or are simply a burgeoning craft beer enthusiast, Beer … There’s more to putting on a successful beer dinner than meets the eye. Here you will find beer articles and general information to help in your beer-education. The result is Homefront IPA, a beer aged on Louisville Slugger maple bats, proceeds from the sales of which go to a military charity each year. Chefs, restaurateurs and beer lovers who are looking for answers about beer and food pairings can look no further than the CraftBeer.com Beer and Food Course. The dishes will be paired with a variety of beers from Brooklyn Brewery. He’ll relive the early days of craft beer, talk about changing consumer tastes and discuss what it takes to keep up in today’s current market. Join Stone Brewing craft beer ambassador and Certified Cicerone® Bill Sysak as he discusses Master Pairings concepts and his belief that craft beer can pair with any food in the world, even Girl Scout cookies. You’ll learn how to pour the perfect beer as well as why you shouldn’t serve beer in frozen glassware. In this guide, the American Cheese Society shares classic craft beer and cheese pairings. This salon is your chance to find out from the chefs behind SAVOR: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience. There’s more to putting on a successful beer dinner than meets the eye. Some beer just keeps getting better with age. Too busy to visit CraftBeer.com? Eric Ortega The breweries will provide an exploration into the sour beer brewing process and sours’ unique flavor characteristics. A fruit-flavored beer has been flavored after fermentation with a fruit concentrate or extract. Learn how to plan beer dinners, how to approach a test tasting, how to pick a theme, how to incorporate beer ingredients into your meal, and gain a better understanding of pairing practices, all while working through a three course mini-meal that is sure to impress and inspire. The two breweries will share stories and traditions through regional foods and beers, explaining the differences between the two. CraftBeer.com shows you how valuable this experience is to chefs and restauranteurs. Beer Styles. Hear how a growing brewery can still manage to keep that small-town feel. BUT, not too long before, beer journalism could roughly trace its roots to one individual, Michael Jackson (The Beer Hunter). Hoppy beer lovers always enjoy a good comparison and exploration of differences between coastal IPAs. Rural Cajun: Comparing Traditions through Beer, Allagash & Deschutes: Beers Inspired from Local Terroir, Sour Families: A Tasting of Sour Beers Aged in Different Spirits Barrels, A Collaboration of Barrel-Aged Wild and Sour Ales, The Evolution of Style: Vintage Tastings with Rogue & New Holland, Ninkasi Space Program: The Mission to Make Space Beer, Nitro Beers with Sam Adams founder Jim Koch. This beer serving guide lays out how four crucial beer temperatures make a difference in the beer drinking experience. View and download the sheet now to build your test tasting. Hopefully these websites can be useful, while breaking into cellared beers you didn’t know you were saving for such an occasion. If you're planning a meal around beer and food pairings, this menu development form is built to help. If you’re a beer geek like us, everything about the beverage of beer is fascinating. This chart takes a look at common flavors experienced when tasting craft beer and what causes them as well as if they should or shouldn’t be present in a particular beer style. With help from the American Cheese Society, we’ve put together a beer pairing guide for six of the most common varieties of cheese. Allagash brewmaster Jason Perkins will guide tasters through an exploration of how residual spirits in barrels can impart a variety of different flavors in similar sour base beers. View and download now. Other Resources; From DNA to Beer: Harnessing Nature in Medicine and Industry presents the following classroom resources for K-12 and college/university educators and their students. Hops for Heroes was created in 2011 by craft breweries that wanted to team up and support our men and women of the armed forces. The Draught Beer Quality Manual was written to help retailers consistently pour great beer and preserve profits through industry accepted best practices. Each brewery will present special release beers that are only available in their home regions. It’s a poorly constructed website with a ton of broken links, and clearly hasn’t been updated in over a decade. How to Store Beer. Ommegang partnered with local farmers and developed Hopstate NY, an American pale ale using only state-grown hops. The resources offer examples of how the rich content and primary sources in the exhibition can be used to promote students’ developing literacy and higher order thinking skills. They launched yeast into space hoping it would survive the g-force leaving Earth’s atmosphere, the cold weightlessness of space and the hot and hard re-entry to Earth—all in the name of science (that is, making beer with it).