Ideas For The Baby Shower Lunch Menu . BABY SHOWER MENU. You can select from an array of popular finger foods, picking the ones that will fit both your party theme and the guest of … When you decide to hold a meeting at noon, then baby shower luncheon menu would be the best recipe to be served. Browse a collection of light sandwiches, fun salads, and side dishes to feed a crowd. My best friend (also known as @ThePaleoDietitian on Insta) went all out with the help of many other friends and family, to create a beautiful, delicious and special shower. This menu includes convenience items such as frozen tortellini, rotisserie chicken, packaged breadsticks and biscotti, salami, cheeses and olives. This is the day off for some people and it gives them more chance to go to your house. Soup and Finger Sandwiches Cream of Crab Soup and Chef’s Soup du jour served with petite sandwiches Finger Sandwiches including: I’m still on such a high from my own baby shower last weekend. Baby showers are exciting times event for you, family and your guests. Serving a snackable spread of baby shower food not only keeps the atmosphere fun and casual, but it makes sure everyone has plenty of time to talk … As anyone who's ever thrown a baby shower knows, these festive gatherings are especially fun to plan. "Still, they're also a lot of work, especially when it comes to the food. You should be enjoying the party, not worrying about food and its taste. Often a brunch or luncheon, a baby shower is only as good as its menu—and finger food is the name of the game. Planning a baby shower menu is fun. Luncheon Buffet Optionsl. Between the decorations and party games, pretty much everything about baby showers falls into the category of "Awww, how cute! Let we take care of everything. When you use baby shower catering services, you can do just that. Everything for a lunch hour shower, from the decorations to the menu, needs to be simple and portable. Baby Shower Buffet Catering Menu. Sunday could be the perfect day to invite all your friends to attend the baby shower party for mothers to be. My original vision was a small, intimate home shower with a fun brunch-themed menu (recipes links provided further in the post! A list of shower lunch ideas perfect for serving at a baby shower or bridal shower! To make it super easy, take some help from the store where you can. While everyone is ooh'ing and aah'ing over adorable baby clothes and cute shower games, keep the menu light, festive, and finger-food-friendly. Lunch Recipes Dinner Recipes Appetizers & Snacks Dessert Recipes Drink Recipes ... Salads and sandwiches make perfect companions as part of a baby shower menu or spread. Celebrate with a salad substantial enough to be the main course or one on the lighter side to enjoy with delicious sandwiches. Shower Lunch Menu Ideas. The following Lunch Buffet options include a Served Fresh Garden Salad, Fresh Baked Bread, Ice Tea and Coffee.