Instead, it has very long canine teeth that it uses to attract mates. Females are called does. Newborn fawns spend more than 95 percent of their time hiding. ENCOUNTERING NEWBORN DEER FAWNS Fact Sheet #26 EARLY LIFE BEHAVIOR Shortly after birth, mule deer fawns exhibit hiding behavior to avoid detection and maximize survival. Oh deer! It is bow season but think it was shot. Buck fawns nursed by mother and weaned by late summer : $400. ... in some cases “actually eating living baby birds right out of the nests”. Adult teeth will have replaced all baby teeth by the time the deer reaches eighteen months old. A herd of rare white deer lives within the confines of the former Seneca Army Depot. 6-10 Deer Facts. These cute and funny baby deer videos are sure to brighten your day. Article continued below. Bottle-Fed Whitetail Fawns Doe or Buck. The babies are brown with white spots. Adult Deer. This whitetail deer can even jump a distance of 15 feet. 3. Fun Facts about Deer for Kids. 3 to 6 weeks: $500. Here are interesting Deer facts 1-5 Deer Facts 1. Yearling Doe: $400. On average, a deer needs to eat about eight pounds of vegetation per 100 pounds of body weight, per day. Every species of deer is different in its own way. Doe fawns nursed by mother and weaned by late summer : $400. Feed Me. Does (female deer) have one or two babies in the spring or early summer. The Chinese water deer is the only species that doesn't shed its antlers, because it doesn't have any. Male deer are called bucks. Baby Talk. Their distinctive spots help to camouflage these young deer until they are more able to fend for themselves. Biologists state that for each year of a deer's life, the molars will be reduced by 1 millimeter of height per year. This is one of the most interesting white-tailed deer facts for kids. 6 to 9 weeks: $600. As the fawn grows, his age can be determined by the amount of wear on each of his premolars. Nursed Whitetail Fawns. We are upset that this deer was killed. A newborn fawn can stand in about 20 minutes, walk in one hour, run a bit in 24 hours and outrun a man in five days. A group of deer is called a herd. 1 to 3 weeks : $400. 2. We had a beautiful white deer with baby in our area and has been wonderful watching them most evenings. – Source. Beautiful baby deer known as fawns are an amazing site to behold. Unfortunately, the neighbor 18 or 19 year old killed the mother this past weekend. Other facts. Facts and Myths About Deer Fawns Bernie Barringer 03.22.16 My young boys and I were walking across a grassy field on our way down to the riverbank … The antlers fall off in the winter. This is a guide about fawn (baby deer) information and photos. For example, the white-tailed deer has a sequence of tines from a forward-curving core beam developing upwards. Is it legal in New York State to kill these beautiful creatures. Female deer cannot grow antlers. Deer For Sale. When the base was open, the deer were inadvertently fenced off an. Newborn fawns are licked clean by the doe to minimize scent and have a spotted coat to help camouflage them. Related: Scientific facts about how deer see and hear. Male deer grow antlers every year.