Trajan's Markets took advantage of the hillside to rise five stories up, and it contained a variety of shops and administrative offices. L'Erma di Bretschneider, Rom 2003, ISBN 978-88-8265-233-3; Burkhard Meißner: Die technologische Fachliteratur der Antike. A prolific engineer and architect who worked primarily for the Roman emperor Trajan, Apollodorus of Damascus is credited with having designed most of the imperial buildings constructed during his reign, including baths, a forum, a bridge over the Danube, and the famous Trajan’s Column (completed 113). Trajan's Forum was built by the Emperor Trajan between 107 and 113 AD. Email. In: Athenaeum 67, 1989, S. 551–565; Giuliana Calcani: Apollodorus of Damascus and Trajan’s Column. Digging through time. From Tradition to Project. Learn More on Smarthistory Column of Trajan, Carrara marble, completed 113 C.E., Rome Ancient Rome. The bridge was engineered by a Greek, Apollodorus of Damascus (fifth image), whose dates are unknown, so he is piggybacked here with Trajan. View from the Markets of Trajan of the remains of the eastern exedra and the eastern portico of the main square of the Forum of Trajan, looking toward the Basilica Ulpia (in the upper left) ( photo , CC BY-SA 3.0) Ancient Rome. Apollodorus of Damascus, The Forum and Markets of Trajan, dedicated 112 C.E., Rome. The Forum of Trajan was inaugurated in 112 C.E., although construction may not have been complete, and was designed by the famed architect Apollodorus of Damascus. Visualizing Imperial Rome. After Trajan and his troops returned home, the Roman Senate commissioned Apollodorus to build a monument to Trajan’s Dacian campaign in the part of Rome that would come to be known as Trajan’s forum, and Apollodorus did just that ( second image ). Today all too little remains, hardly suggesting a complex that for centuries was held in awe as one of the architectural wonders of the world. Work was supervised by the most famous architect of the day, Apollodorus of Damascus. ... Apollodoros of Damascus. Learn More on Smarthistory ARCHITECTURE. The project of the new complex is attributed to Apollodorus of Damascus, who accompanied Trajan in his military campaigns in Dacia. Apollodorus of Damascus, The Forum and Markets of Trajan, dedicated 112 C.E., Rome. It was financed by the immense wealth from the conquest of Dacia (modern Romania). Google Classroom Facebook Twitter. Essay by Dr. Jeffrey Becker. Forum and Markets of Trajan. Trajan's military engineer, the architect Apollodorus of Damascus, further outdid himself with another amazing complex built just to the north of the Forum of Trajan. Die Trajanssäule in der Mitte des Forums wird als erstes Denkmal dieser Art vermutet.