In this tutorial, join Maxim as he provides an in-depth walkthrough and demonstration of Ableton’s Multiband Compressor, Glue Compressor, and Compressor. The tutorial has now finished. Ratio: 2. However, Ableton’s Glue Compressor can perform a similar type of processing when placed into sidechain mode. Anyway, I was testing Glue Compressor against a variety of Waves plugins: Waves CLA-76 Waves CLA-2A Waves SSL Bus Comp Now these are all different styles of compressor (1176, LA2A & SSL) but I felt the best all rounder, and often the best sounding, was the Glue Compressor! The Glue Compressor is an analog-modeled compressor created in collaboration with Cytomic, and is based on the classic bus compressor from a famous 80’s mixing console. Apply the previous configuration, and the Glue Compressor audio effect should look like this: At this point we have successfully explained how to use and configure the Glue Compressor audio effect in Ableton Live 10. If you have any questions, comment below! For the purpose of this tutorial, we will explain how to use the GLUE COMPRESSOR audio effect in Ableton Live 10: 2. Dry/Wet: 100%. Release: 0.1. Plugins can emulate the behavior of vintage analog pieces of gear, or simply act as clean/linear digital signal processors, performing tasks such as equalization, compression, limiting, expansion, gating, time-domain effects, etc. Check out the MC Mobile line of Pro Audio Laptops from PCAudioLabs. 15 posts • Page 1 of 1. Ableton Live 9 Standard and Live 9 Suite come with the Glue Compressor, a new device modeled on a popular vintage bus compressor from the 1980s, known for "gluing" the mix together. To achieve this effect, start with a ratio of 4:1 or 10:1, an attack time of 0.1 ms, and a release time of at least 0.4 s. The more gain reduction you apply by lowering the threshold level, the deeper the pumping effect will be. Be The First To Get Notified About Sales& New Pro Audio Articles, Get New Posts Delivered Right to Your Inbox. I must admit I was surprised given the price of these. (Drum Buss is in Live 10 Suite only, and it’s almost worth the upgrade price on its own.) Discussion of music production, audio, equipment and any related topics, either with or without Ableton Live. Using Ableton Live 10 software to produce music would be ideal with one of our professionally designed PCAudioLabs Systems due our high-performance specifications in order to work with any of the Digital Audio Workstations supported. One of the most used inserts that come with Ableton Live is the GLUE COMPRESSOR, which can be defined as a device that resembles the stereo compressors included on vintage analog boards that were typically used to “glue” the overall mixes coming out of the boards before getting printed to the master tape. I will … Threshold: 0. The Dry / Wet control allows you to choose the amount of compression to dial in what means parallel compression is easily achievable. If you would like to order one of our PCAudioLabs computers, please call us at 615-933-6775 or click this link for our website. There is also a ton of valuable information about compression in general that you can take with you, regardless of your DAW or preferred compressor. Glue decreases the threshold of Ableton’s Glue Compressor (0 – -30 dB). He will explain the different features and parameters of each, as well as when they would be most appropriate and effective to use. If you’re looking for this vintage flavor in your compression, Live 10 features the Glue Compressor, a component-level model of a legendary analog bus compressor from Solid State Logic.