The first major battle of the Macharian Crusade took place against the Cult of the Angel of Fire, which ruled over the Karsk System. At this point, Macharius' generals and troops finally wavered in their resolve to continue into the darkness beyond the boundaries of the Emperor's light. Scale Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the campaign, the cult was revealed to be a front for the worship of the Chaos God Tzeentch, and a wounded Macharius faced down the Greater Daemon known as a Lord of Change that was the "Angel of Fire" which provided the cult's namesake, rejecting its promises of power through Chaos and remaining pure in the sight of the Emperor. His fleet would be greatly slowed in that region of space due to the difficulty his Navigators would have in negotiating the currents of the Empyrean beyond the range of the Astronomican, and his astropaths would be beyond the range of telepathic communication back to Imperial space. M41) is widely regarded as the greatest Imperial Guard commander in Imperial history. Addition of 1,000 new worlds to the Imperium of Man; failure to continue into the Halo Zone. It took place on the far western edge of the galaxy, within the Segmentum Pacificus and leading into the Halo Zone. 40k's "mid" is not "high megaton to mid gigaton" 40k's mid range set of calcs is hundreds of gigatons to low teratons. Imperial victory Macharia was transformed into a Shrine World dedicated to the former lord solar, and millions of pilgrims from across the Imperium made the long journey every year to visit the grand Imperial cathedral erected over his final resting place. Following the death of Macharius, his new additions to Imperial space fell into anarchy during a seventy standard year-long civil war known as the Macharian Heresy. However, Macharius was a broken man and his dreams of boundless conquests were shattered in the face of human frailty. Many of his troops were also fearful of what lay beyond, as many of the scout teams sent into the Halo Zone had never returned and those that did told of strange phenomenon, of haunted stars and entire worlds inhabited by what they could only describe as ghosts and spririts. Defending Commander(s) [6], After the death of Macharius himself his newly-forged conquests fell into anarchy in a seventy-year civil war known as the Macharian Heresy. The first major battle of the crusade took place against the Cult of the Angel of Fire, which ruled over the Karsk System. Segmentum Pacificus and Halo Zone Attacking Commander(s) Then they set off to conquer planets right out to the Galactic Rim, and even beyond the reach of the Astronomican. Based on some accounts, Inquisitor Drake had fed strategic and tactical information to Richter to stalemate the Imperial progress on Loki. The Lord Solar was never seen alive again, for he died during the voyage back to his homeworld to announce the full extent of his conquests to the Senatorum Imperialis. Many of the planets had been lost in the previous chaos of the Age of Apostasy. At this point, Macharius's generals and troops wavered. 392-399.M41 Details about Warhammer 40K The Macharian Crusade Trilogy by William King Novel Book Lot of 3 See original listing. Most Imperial savants agree that Macharius was the most successful and brilliant Imperial Warmaster since the Arch-traitor Horus. Faced with this refusal to advance, Macharius became furious and accused his men of betrayal and cowardice. Various xenos, Apostates and Heretics 7 Astra Militarum Army Groups, assets from five Adeptus Astartes Chapters, including the Death Spectres, Doom Warriors, Inceptors, Marines Malevolent, and the Star Phantoms, Imperial Navy fleet; see Order of Battle below Unknown Known Regiments that took part in the Macharian Crusade include: Known Space Marine Chapters taking part in the Crusade included: Known Imperial Navy assets in the Crusade included:[6]. "There exist out there in the unbroached void of night and in the deeper darkness beyond, things so terrible and vile that they would devour us and destroy everything we have made. In the second year, three hundred fell. Not long after his death, the Adeptus Ministorum officially recognised what many had known for years -- Macharius was canonised as a saint of the Imperial Cult. Afflicted by various Nurglite plagues during the first siege of the world of Loki, the lord commander had only solar weeks if not days to live when he gathered his personal forces for a last-ditch assault against Richter, a former general of Macharius' army who had turned to the Ruinous Powers. By the end of the crusade in 399.M41, Macharius' armies stood undefeated and at the very western edge of the galaxy, deep within the Halo Zone and at the very limits of the Astronomican's telepathic beacon. The course of the Macharian Crusade, 392-399.M41. Though Macharius was prepared to capture a thousand more worlds, his armies were not, for they had been pushed beyond the point of endurance and were exhausted by the relentless pace with which Macharius had driven them. Outcome Then they set off to conquer planets right out to the Galactic Rim, and even beyond the reach of the Astronomican. By the third year of operations, nearly seven hundred planets had fallen to Macharius' combined armies.