You need DTG machines to do this printing. Sublimation Printing. Vinyl printing is a simple t-shirt printing method where you cut out your designs on colored vinyl, then use heat and pressure to stick the cut-outs to the t-shirt. A Cricut machine comes in handy for cutting … How to Choose the Best T-Shirt Printing Machine. Also, be sure to check if the company you hire has set a minimum number of tees you can order. whether you're planning to print for a home t-shirt printing … For Print on demand (printing one off t-shirts or small lots) and for printing photos on to your t-shirt straight from the computer this method is a boon. This is the best method of t-shirt printing if you are printing colorful designs for small lots like say about 5 t-shirts or less than that. Most t-shirt printing companies usually have a policy where they make the cost per tee lower when you order more pieces. Digital T-shirt printing, also called DTG or direct to garment, is one of the two main ways that custom shirts are created. Digital printing is a newer addition to the printing field that requires specialized equipment and does not involve as many steps as screen printing. Dye-sublimation printing is a digital printing … The color of the t-shirt … If you want to make your own t-shirts then you definitely need a printing machine. The other is screen printing. The advantage of DTG Printing is the feel of the material on the t-shirt since your artwork is digitally printed and embedded into the material.